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Princess Daenerys Targaryen

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A three-quarters shot Daenerys Targaryen, as played by Emilia Clarke, giving us an excellent look at the Dothraki garments she wears. It’s a rough-and-ready sort of fashion, woven roughspun cloth in earth tones decorated with braiding and broaches. The broaches serve a functional purpose, as the top appears to be a wrap which the broaches close properly. A nice detail around her waist is the pale portion of the skirt decorated with or bound with brass or bronze decorations. Her hands are wrapped with leather gloves, practical when riding for extended periods of time to protect the skin—and it seems one can just glimpse what may be a part of a ring on the index finger of her right hand.

The critique we’d give of this garment is the fact that it looks so unfinished in a way that we feel does not really reflect primitive fashions as we can see from our own history. Technique, tools, and materials may have been primitive, but finishing seams, regularizing fringes, and so on as far as is possible with the time and tools at hand has always been important. The irregular leather plaits simply look like the top has been left unfinished, the fringe simply being knotted off to prevent the whole garment unravelling. A loose braiding as we can see on the top of the garment would have been a better approach to finish off the hems. Similar issues can be seen with the decoration of the skirt.

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