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A Notable Casting

Word’s out that an actor has been cast in a role that is, frankly, something of a spoiler… so see below the cut for the relevant information

The CV of actor Struan Rodger credits him in the role of the “Three Eyed Raven”. Notably, his CV indicates he has “various” directors, which likely means he’ll appear in more than one episode. Rodger, a veteran actor from the UK whose career spans over 45 years, has appeared in many supporting roles over the years, including feature films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Stardust, as well as appearances on genre television shows such as Doctor Who and Highlander.

Fans familiar with the novels will know just when that particular appears, and under what circumstances, and just who he in fact is. But for those who don’t… well, you’ll know that finding him is the goal of Bran’s journey. Will he find him this season? His being cast suggests yes… but the show’s been known to go in different directions with things.

And some thoughts, for those who’ve read the novels:

Given that the three-eyed crow appears later in A Dance with Dragons, it’s quite probable that Bran’s storyline will largely track with that novel. At a guess, they may introduce some more incidents, but the end point will largely be the same. The real question for me, however, is if they’ve cast the last greenseer… are we going to meet a child of the forest as well? It will be interesting to see how the show handles it, if so.

(Via Winter is Coming)