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Making Game of Thrones: The Cameramen

There’s a brand new Game of Thrones video over at Making Game of Thrones, the official production blog for the show. Perhaps it’s because of the subject matter, but this struck me as one of the most visually beautiful of HBO’s behind-the-scenes videos looking into season 6. Also, while it’s not a trailer, it actually features a handful of pretty noteworthy details that we’ll discuss briefly below the video:

So, a handful of noteworthy details:

* 0:45: Bolton troops arrayed on a hill. You can just glimpse something rather similar to the crucifix the Boltons use to display bodies over the crest of the hill.
* 0:54: One of the dead in the House of Black and White in the process of having his face removed; we’ll see Jaqen’s up to this later on at 4:30.
* 1:11: A great crowd of Dothraki, seeming awed, looking at something with a great deal of firelight coming from it. A dragon? A burning Vaes Dothrak or its great hall? Who can say?
* 1:34: Sons of the Harpy murdering men in a dusty locatio that appears to be outside the walls of Meereen.
* 2:21: Jorah and Daario moving somewhat sneakily through a mud-brick village or town that we’ve not seen before; we’ll get more glimpses of it as the video goes on.
* 2:43: More Bolton troops.
* 2:59: A seven-sided structure in the process of being built, apparently; looks like a small sept.
* 3:01: A big one here—a glimpse of Winterfell far in the past, with what we’re guessing are the young Brandon watching even-younger Eddard and Benjen sparring… or is it a young Eddard watching even-younger Benjen and Lyanna (dressed as a boy)? This will be glimpsed again at 4:26, though without Brandon.
* 3:05: While the truck is being used to film someone riding on horseback, the notable fact is that the horseman is riding away from an army that does not look remotely like the Bolton house troops. Must be northmen, though, either fighting for or against the Boltons we’re going to guess.
* 3:39: Meera crouched over Bran’s sled during a blizzard… interesting.
* 4:29: Wildlings leaping into view, suggesting they’ll be playing a role in events.

All in all, it’s a nice look at some of the rarely-heralded production crew on the cinematographic side that help bring the show to millions of viewers around the world.