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New Casting Clue from GRRM

This, we presume, is a hint for the role of Wisdom Hallyne, chief of the Guild of Alchemists of King’s Landing; they’re also known as pyromancers, and are best known for producing “the substance”, called wildfire, which (we hope!) will be on vivid display next season!

Down under he was the voice of wisdom.

Later on he was the voice of everyone.

Now he’s wisdom.

So, something to do with Australia—an Australian actor presumably.

UPDATE: Thanks to speculation over at Winter is Coming, we think we know who this is: none other than fan-favorite audio book reader (and veteran actor) Roy Dotrice, who was originally cast in the role of Grand Maester Pycelle until health issues intervened. We’ve heard he recovered well, and certainly well enough to continue his tour de force audio book readings after much demand for his return.

How do the clues fit? We thought “down under” meant Australia…. but when someone mentioned his name in connection to “voice of everyone” (he’s set a world record with the number of characters he’s voiced in the unabridged audio books), it clicked. In Beauty and the Beast, he played Father—“the voice of wisdom”—for the people who lived “down under” New York City in maze of tunnels.

Now fingers crossed that this is, indeed, the case!