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Roy Dotrice Confirmed in Game of Thrones

We know a lot of fans who’ll be pleased by this news. Following last night’s clue, George R.R. Martin has confirmed the widely-accepted guess that Roy Dotrice is to play Wisdom Hallyne, a senior member of the Guild of Alchemists, known as the pyromancers for their most renowned work, which involves fire (and, specifically, the alchemical “substance” popularly called wildfire).

As we reported last night, Dotrice was originally cast in the role of Grand Maester Pycelle, but for health reasons had to depart before filming began.

Below are a few clips of the actor, both in the past on Beauty and the Beast and more recently, including a sample of his audio reading work:

And from the audio book, a reading of a scene that never gets referenced in the TV show, very sadly.