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Images from Iceland

Some new photos from the filming in Iceland in November and December have turned up, courtesy of the Location Guide—a site specializing in covering and promoting foreign locations for film and television purposes—and Pegaus Productions, the local production company that faciliated the filming.

Among the notable production details: 200 crew and 15 horses, minimal need for building anything, and snowfall was needed to minimize costs (a lack of snow would have meant they’d have to film on the glacier itself, which would take longer and be more expensive, and would also have revealed ash from a recent volcanic eruption).

We should note that at least one of the images is potentially a spoiler if you’ve not read A Clash of Kings, so if you don’t want to be spoiled… well, don’t look!

Some truly epic landscapes in Iceland, without a doubt. The image of two men of the Night’s Watch against the fog-covered hills and peaks—amazing .We get some glimpses of the wildlings, as well, wearing furs that are not dissimilar to traditional Inuit garments. It should make an interesting look, although we think it may get a bit tired (visually) if the production doesn’t work in some variations (in color, if nothing else, using different kinds of fur) to mark out different groups of wildlings and significant characters.