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Rory McCann Interviewed

Access Hollywood continues its series of interviews with Game of Thrones actors, this time talking to Rory McCann, who plays Sandor Clegane (and whose audition—one of the hidden dragon eggs on the Blu-ray—has a remarkably powerful moment in it that really sold me on his having the power needed for the character). In the interview, McCann reveals that he’s gotten through A Storm of Swords—deciding he wants to stay “just ahead” of the story—and he even mentions that he’s visited forums (surely our forum must be one of them!)  to read fan views on the character and maybe pick up a few good tips about him. He gives a little hint or two about what he’s up to this season, including jousting while wearing a “gold helmet” (that must mean he’s in his Kingsguard gear at some point—on the show the character seems to move back and forth between that and his regular equipment).

Also? He’s learned that his name actually derives from “wolfhound” or something like—Wikipedia seems to support it. Rather neat coincidence!