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Ron Perlman Talks GRRM (and Hellboy 3)

Thanks to Manu at, we’ve got another taste of what Ron Perlman—star of Beauty and the Beast and Sons of Anarchy, and much, much more (including a great turn in the beautifully-directed Drive)—has to say about his old BatB colleague George R.R. Martin, and whether he’d like to be part of Game of Thrones himself.

Sounds like his role on SoA means he hasn’t been approached, and that it’s unlikely that he will so long as he’s committed to another regular TV series. Shame, that, as I’m convinced he’d be an amazing Tormund Giantsbane or Magnar of Thenn (he looks completely wrong in terms of the looks of the characters, maybe, but he can definitely get their different personas across quite well). He also has some terrific praise for GRRM, citing his episodes as the ones he most looked forward to as an actor on Beauty and the Beast.