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Game of Thrones Tops 11 Million Viewers

Thanks to a post at our forum, we’ve learned of a report at Variety that discusses just how well HBO’s Game of Thrones has done for itself. The most salient detail:

“Looking only at HBO homes, “Thrones” is averaging an 8.3 rating, meaning roughly one in 12 subscriber households is watching the premiere telecast. This is about what TV’s most-watch Sunday series, “60 Minutes,” was averaging this month…

“... the show’s gross audience surpasses 11 million, compared with 9.3 million for its rookie season, HBO says.”

These are very strong numbers indeed. From a bit of Googling, at its height True Blood managed 12.7 million viewers per week… and it feels like there’s room to grow, both in the overall averge and in the initial airing ratings as well. After the very strong “What is Dead May Never Die”, it’ll be interesting to see how “Garden of Bones” performs. Will it climb a little thanks to the buzz? Will the weekly average pick up a bit more quickly?