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Additional Roles Revealed

Thanks to a tweet from Sainou, a talent agency, we’ve discovered that the role of Lord Bracken in Game of Thrones was played by Gerry O’Brien, an Irish actor with quite a few credits to his name. He lists Alan Taylor as the director of his episode(s), and we know from Bryan Cogman that Taylor directed the ninth and tenth episodes.

From O’Brien, we ended up being led to several other, unnamed parts that were cast by the production. Most notably is the Irish actor Frank O’Sullivan in the role of a member a black brother of Night’s Watch. Some may recall that O’Sullivan was an early guess at the assassin role when GRRM was giving his casting clues. We got to see Roddy acting his scene in the 15-minute reel—rather scary! We also stumbled across two other actors: Barry John O’Connor was also a member of the Watch, while Conor Delaney played a Lannister Guardsman in at least one of the early episodes directed by Tim van Patten.

Last, but certainly not least, the ever-helpful Rabbit pointed us to Mark Coney, the actor cast in the role of Lord Glover; we suspect Coney’s page at his agency page features two images of the actor in medieval/Renaissance costume and a medieval-ish location (suffice it to say, those images probably should not have been posted). His first (and, for all we know, only) appearance appears to be in one of Dan Minahan’s episodes (numbers six through eight), so it seems he’s right on track to appear in line with his first appearance in the novel.

And as a little bonus, here’s the CV of Barrington Cullen, an actor whose credits list “Older Knight of the Vale” as one of his roles. Could he be more-or-less filling in for the role of Lord Nestor Royce, the High Steward of the Vale?