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Iceland Filming Details Revealed, Extras Sought

We’ve been waiting for the first details about the Iceland leg of the filming of Game of Thrones, where scenes beyond the Wall will be shot… and it looks like we’ve finally got them.

All we knew previously was that late November and into December would see filming taking place on the island nation which just touches the Arctic circle, providing a uniquely stark landscape thanks to the glacial environment… and the challenge of filming with only four or five hours of daylight! Now, thanks to an Icelandic site for the region around the large glacier of Vatnajökull, we know not only that the glacier—the largest in Iceland, covering 8% of Iceland—is going to be used, but that a local production company by the name of Pegasus is starting the search for extras, looking for fit male and female extras, with men (of course) being bearded. The web page for the company does not yet seem to have details regarding extras casting, but if any Icelandic readers find out more, to say in comments! Notably, the website does include a sunrise-sunset and weather chart—emphasizing just how difficult and sensitive to weather and daylight fluctuations that filming in Iceland will be.

Vatnajökull has been host to film productions before, as we noted in August. That it was relatively recently used for the exteriors for Ra’s al Ghul’s temple in Batman Begins may mean that it still has some local infrastructure in place to facilitate filming.