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Oona Chaplin is… ?

Oona Chaplin, grand-daughter of Charlie Chaplin and a young actress of some note (she’s presently appearing in the BBC’s high-end period drama, The Hour), writes about what her perfect weekend would be, and in the course of it she dropped this tidbit:

I’ve got a part in Game of Thrones…

By her looks (she’s half-Chilean), she’d pass for a Dornishwoman, wouldn’t she? Or someone from the Free Cities. Someone from other parts of Westeros, too, sure, depending on how make-up goes. Suggestions that have been put forward: the mysterious Quaithe of Asshai, Jeyne Westerling (she’s one-quarter Eastern, after all), Meera Reed (“Too tall!” the inner fanboy cries), Jhiqui, and, rather intringuingly, the dead Elia of Dorne. Is the show relenting on flashbacks, after strenuously avoiding them last season? We can only hope.

Thanks to The Rabbit for pointing out the article.