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Oona Chaplin is Jeyne…

After yesterday’s report that Oona Chaplin—granddaughter of Charline Chaplin—had revealed she was in Game of Thrones, we fielded quite a lot of speculation from fans as to who she might be. A lot of names were thrown out, and we admit, we were intrigued (and hopeful) that it might be Elia of Dorne, which would confirm that there might be a flashback to the time of Robert’s Rebellion…

But HBO has kindly provided us her name, and it’s not Elia: no, Oona will be playing Jeyne—

Westerling, you might wonder? After all, this is the “season of romance” as the executive producers put it.

Or perhaps Poole, who was briefly mentioned by Sansa at one point? Well, she’s quite a lot older than Sophie Turner, so we didn’t take that too seriously.

So, Westerling, right?

Well, hold on there.

Because… HBO told us not to mention a last name. And didn’t actually provide one. Hmmm….

What does that mean? We’ve no sure idea. One possibility is that this Jeyne will fulfill some of the same functions as Jeyne Westerling, but for some reason they’re changing the family name. Alternatively, she’s a character somehow fulfilling the function of Jeyne Poole, but… we just don’t think so.

There’s one other tidbit HBO gave us, though, that may reveal that it’s none of the above: the role was repeatedly described as a “small” one. Does this put us back in the Jeyne Poole area? Or does “season of romance” not mean what we think it means? Or maybe she’s entirely unrelated to these? Or…


We admit, we’re quite baffled/intrigued If you have some ideas, feel free to add them in comments!

Below’s an interview with Chaplin: