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UPDATE:  Director Breakdown Confirmed

UPDATE: HBO has confirmed the breakdown of directors below.

This one’s for those who are interested in some of the minutia of the production. We’ve previously tried to piece together which directors were directing each episode, and we had about half of them figured out after some speculation. The last pieces of the puzzle seem likely to have fallen into place, if this CV from an actor on the show - Darren Killeen, credited as “Baratheon Guard”—is anything to go by.

In it, he lists his experience on the show as covering episodes 3 and 5, and Alik Sakharov (first season cinematographer) and David Petrarca as the directors. Assuming that they’re listed in the correct order (and we believe they are, because we know for a fact that Petrarca directed episode 4, and it’s common for directors to get continguous episode blocks to work on), here’s who we think are directing the ten episodes of the second season of Game of Thrones:

We’ll double-check with HBO to confirm these, but other than the slight possibility of Petrarca and Sakharov swapping episodes, this seems to be correct.

(Thanks to The Rabbit for the pointer to Killeen’s CV.)