Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Sunday is #GoTDay

HBO has declared that this Sunday will be #GoTDay on Twitter—they want that tag trending, and if the rabid fans can bring Twitter to its knees, all the better! Leading up the much-anticipated premiere of the first episode, “The North Remembers”, HBO will be running a marathon featuring all ten episodes of the first season on HBO2, starting from 10:30AM Eastern, 7:30 AM Pacific.

And just to make sure Twitter starts buckling, they’ve announced that HBO Connect’s social platform is going to be put to work, featuring live tweeting commentaries and Q&As with fan favorites like Kristian Nairn and Finn Jones, with writer Bryan Cogman... and with fan sites like Winter is Coming and… err, well,!

And to kick it off? That’d be us! Tune in to HBO2 (or, if you don’t have it, start up your Bluray or DVD—that’s what we’ll be doing!) at 10:30 Eastern (7:30 Pacific—I know, who wakes up that early on a Sunday except masochists and fanatics?) on Sunday, hop on over to our snazzy, official HBO Connect page, and join the conversation as we all watch and discuss episode 1 of season 1, “Winter is Coming