Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Welcome to Westeros

Today is the day! Today, the Game of Thrones begins. For those who haven’t followed the anxious wait ever since the pilot was announced, an introduction to what we offer in terms of Game of Thrones coverage here at Westeros is in order.

Our News section keeps up-to-date with all the information you could possibly want about Game of Thrones. Our news stream is syndicated and can be followed at Twitter, Facebook, and an RSS feed.

Features offers topical articles on the show (this includes resources for viewers such as the Lexicon of Ice and Fire), as well as interviews with cast and crew, and some guest contributions from other writers who explore the series from different perspectives.

In Characters you will find profiles of all characters, including any notable changes from the books that relate to specific characters. There is also an associated episode list and a gallery.

The guide to the Episodes offers brief previews before each episode is aired and more detailed commentary after the first airing. This includes notable changes from the books, things for fans to look out for and memorable quotes.

Finally, the Gallery is a collection of screencaps and photos such as promotional stills, much of it extensively commented and put into context.

But, it doesn’t end there! Outside of the Game of Thrones section at Westeros we have many resources for fans of the books in the Citadel, our general coverage at All Sorts of Weird Stuff, and the Wiki of Ice and Fire. However, if you are new to the books, keep in mind that these are not spoiler-free sections.

Some sections, such as News, offer the option to comment on posts. However, if you want to discuss a post or just anything related to either the TV show or the books, the Forum is where you should go. From grizzled veterans of the series discussing the latest hints and theories, to newer readers who’ve just started reading, as well as viewers of the show who aren’t familiar with the books, there’s a space for everyone. We have recently added several new forums geared towards viewers and towards new readers and we are offering episode-specific forums for each episode. Just take a moment to find the right forum and its safe to dive in even if you are a complete novice!