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Cast Overview Montage

Thanks to the pointer from Adam Whitehead of the Wertzone, we wanted to share this photo montage of nearly all the currently-cast actors. It’s a good selection of pictures. The only actor missing that comes to mind is Rory McCann, who has not yet been officially announced.

Still To Be Cast for Game of Thrones

After confirming the casting of Lena Headey as Queen Cersei in HBO’s pilot of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin wen on to provide a list of characters still to be cast.

Lena Headey as Cersei

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune has the exclusive news that Lena Headey has been cast as Queen Cersei, and is the last major role to be filled. Headey, now best known for her title role in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, hs an extensive film and television background. Ryan cites the strong fan interest in the pilot, which she says is not at all the norm for a series that has not even started filming, much less received a season order. She shares the view of Time’s James PoniewozikRome.

Queen Cersei Cast

George R. R. Martin reveals that Cersei Lannister—arguably the last major adult role left to be cast for the HBO pilot of Game of Thrones (arguable, as some might note the importance of Khal Drogo in the grand scheme of things)—has been cast. As usual, he also provides some clues.

Another Hint

After the hints from the producers that Sandor Clegane, the Hound, has been cast, GRRM has been relatively quiet beyond mentioning that one role had been cast and that smaller roles were being cast such as “Unnamed Eunuch” and “Redheaded Whore”. Today, however, he posted a new clue: “Eat your porage and you’ll grow up big and strong.”

This almost certainly points to the Scottish actor Rory McCann, who has acted in films such as Oliver Stone’s Alexander. 6’6” tall, he is also known for this classic commercial for Scott’s Porage Oats.

Casting the Hound

According to this cheeky post from David Benioff and Dan Weiss, it seems very likely that, “Woof woof” indicates that the role of Sandor Clegane, known as the Hound, has been filled. There’s currently no information on who has been cast in the role.

New Casting Photos

Over at “Not a Blog”, George R. R. Martin has provided larger photos of Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, the two girls chosen to play the parts of Arya and Sansa Stark. George also provides some more information regarding their experience, with Williams having some theatrical credits while Turner has never been in any professional productions up to now.

Secret Seven Revealed

The “secret seven”, as George R. R. Martin dubbed the seven actors cast in seven roles he has been teasing, have now been revealed at the Hollywood Reporter. Thanks to George’s clues over the last days, almost all the actors had been guessed at by fans at the A Song of Ice and Fire forums and the Winter is Coming blog. GRRM is posting information about each actor a Not a Blog.

Hints on the Seventh Role

George is at it again, following Benioff and Weiss’s remark of “another day, another knight”. It seems the seventh member of the cast is playing a knight, and he has been in some historical film(s) with the actor who plays Jaime.

Another Role Cast

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have popped to tease that another role has been cast for the Game of Thrones pilot. As GRRM previously mentioned Ser Rodrik Cassel as one among a number of minor roles that were still being cast, it seems very possible that that’s the role that has been filled. It may also be that one of the Kingsguard who accompany Robert, Ser Boros Blount or Ser Meryn Trant, has been cast; although those roles are without lines in the pilot script, from what I have heard.

Production Notes

Although there’s no news on the casting front, HBO Game of Thrones pilot production continues to move forward. Production offices have been established in Belfast, according to George R. R. Martin, although production has been moved back two weeks to begin October 26th which is a move GRRM hinted at during Worldcon. He also expects a few more roles to be cast this week, leaving open the possibility that with a critical mass of unannounced casting decisions there may soon be an announcement from HBO.

More Hints

GRRM’s having fun by releasing more hints about the casting. He does indicate most people have figured out one of the clues, indicating two of the roles belong to the children; he further adds that those actors are not listed in IMDB although a number of individuals in there share their name. He also states that casting continues, now aimed for actors to fill smaller roles.

Casting Hints

George R. R. Martin dropped some hints regarding the the five roles cast so far, and hard on that revealed that a sixth was cast. The hints are quite obscure, but they’ve lead fans to speculate quite thoroughly. As for the sixth role cast, we do know that Daenerys had been narrowed down to three parts recently, and it may be that they have made their choice and struck the appropriate deal with the actress.

News from Worldcon

Thanks to Blue Rose, we’ve a fasicnating account of some details surrounding the HBO pilot. Chief among them are the leaks concerning actors cast in roles, which appear to largely have been against HBO’s wishes, as well as some thoughts on the prospects of the series, the effect HBO’s going forward might have on book sales, and the difficulty of casting so many series regulars for a pilot episode for a series where characters might go a whole season unused.

Daenerys News from WorldCon

When asked about whether or not Daenerys has been cast, GRRM said that they’ve got it down to three possibilities, each with strengths and weaknesses. He pointed out that it’s all very well to describe Daenerys as “the most beautiful woman in the world” but it does make it quite difficult to cast her.

Thanks to Sophelia for reporting that!