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Wild Cards Comic Book Series

At the New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics and Dabel Brothers Productions announced that Wild Cards, a seminal superhero setting created by and written about by authors such as George R. R. Martin, will see new life in comic book publishing through a brand new series which will be entirely original. Instead of adapting previous stories as the previous Epic series did years ago, the first six issues will feature the work of author Daniel Abraham (who has recently become a part of the Wild Cards team of writers, including writing the interstitials for Tor’s forthcoming new Wild Cards volume, Inside Straight). Daniel’s own announcement follows:

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with news of the fact that the latest entry in the Wild Cards series, Inside Straight, has been delivered to the publisher. The news item includes a full list of the stories in the volume, including a story titled “Crusader” written by GRRM, as well as the next title in the series, Busted Flush.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with a new sample chapter, this time from the forthcoming new Wild Cards novel, Inside Straight. The piece is written by Daniel Abraham (co-author with George and Gardner Dozois on The Shadow Twin and author of the first in a new fantasy series, A Shadow in Summer).

Ice Dragon Bestseller

GRRM’s The Ice Dragon has appeared on the New York Times Children’s Bestseller List at #6. Congratulations to George!

iBooks on the Block

The former publisher of Wild Cards reprints and the latest entry into the series, Death Draws Five, has gone on the auction block.

A Feast for Crows Sightings

With the close releases of George’s The Ice Dragon and the paperback edition of A Feast for Crows, it’s no great surprise that the finely-tuned marketing publishing marketing machine is going all-out to capture attention. Following on the heels of ]this advertismentbeing spotted on CNN.com and this promotional interview for The Ice Dragon on YouTube, we’ve just learned that there has been at least one television spot on the History Channel promoting Feast.

If anyone’s seen the TV spot, please fill us in on the details of its content!

GRRM on YouTube

A short, three minute interview with George regarding his newly-published children’s book, The Ice Dragon, can be found on YouTube. Examples of the art by Yvonne Gilbert can be seen while GRRM discusses the genesis of the story and its meaning.

One of the first reviews of the book can be found at BookGasm, which concludes that George could have a promising career in children’s literature.

Dreamsongs Available at Amazon UK

According to Amazon.co.uk, they already have Dreamsongs - GRRM: A RRetrospective in stock. This is a great collection of many of GRRM’s best short stories. You can view a list of what it contains at Subterranean Press’s page about the limited edition of this book that they published some years ago.

Ice Dragon Contest

Pat, of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, has now announced a contest to win one of two copies of George R.R. Martin’s forthcoming illustrated, Young Adult version of The Ice Dragon. This is a classic, award-winning novella by GRRM that will make a lovely gift to a child or a fan of his work (or that of Yvonne Gilbert, who provides the lovely illustrations).

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has an updated “Cover Art” section featuring a new foreign edition cover for A Storm of Swords, as well as a sample from the new Wild Cards novel, Inside Straight, in the brand new “Wild Cards Sample” section.

Locus Poll Deadline

Locus, the premiere trade magazine of the SF/F publishing industry, runs a yearly poll which culminates in the Locus Awards (given out the same weekend as the Nebulas). Lately, the poll has been open to anyone who’ll take the time to go through and vote on it. If you’re interested in voting in such categories as Best SF Novel, Best Fantasy Novel, Best Young Adult Novel, Best Artist, and more, go here. The deadline is this Saturday.

Scalzi Deal at Subterranean Press

From John Scalzi (who’s one of GRRM’s competitors in the Best Novel Category at the Hugos for his novel, Old Man’s War), we learn that those who pre-order his forthcoming book about writing from Subterranean Press and mention him and his blog, “Whatever”, in the comment field for the order will get 30% off their entire order (for most items; A Storm of Swords, for example, isn’t part of this special deal). Which means you could also buy the limited/lettered editions of Fevre Dream  or GRRM: A Rretrospective all at 30% off. It’s a great opportunity, which comes to a close after tomorrow, so order quickly!

More information can be found at Scalzi’s blog.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with a news entry announcing the previously-reported September 2006 publication of GRRM’s novella The Ice Dragon, in a slightly-redacted form, from Tor’s Young Adult imprint. He’s given some concrete details that help to explain some of the oddities mentioned earlier, including the fact that it will be "lavishly illustrated" by Yvonne Gilbert. There is also a small image from the book on the page.

GRRM has also updated his Not a Blog with a post discussing the Hugo Award final ballot.

Wild Cards Tidbits

Via Wild Cards thread at the ASoIaF forum, John J. Miller (most recently author of Wild Cards: Death Draws Five) drops a few little hints about the future of the superhero series.

The Ice Dragon

Thanks to some sleuthing, we have some tenative information concerning a new novel by GRRM to be released in October 2006. The Ice Dragon looks to be published by Starscape (Tor’s Young Adult imprint), although there’s reason to believe that it may in fact be published by the Tor Teen imprint. The original is a beautifully-written short story, but it’s notable that Amazon.com lists it at 112 pages, which suggests that it will be (or has been) significantly expanded. [Another possibility which has just been pointed out is that it’s a short story collection, although at 112 pages it’s quite a short collection.]

More information will be posted as we get it, but it does put us in mind of George’s recent remark about “all sorts of interesting new books” being discussed and/or planned following his trip to New York City.