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The Ice Dragon

Thanks to some sleuthing, we have some tenative information concerning a new novel by GRRM to be released in October 2006. The Ice Dragon looks to be published by Starscape (Tor’s Young Adult imprint), although there’s reason to believe that it may in fact be published by the Tor Teen imprint. The original is a beautifully-written short story, but it’s notable that Amazon.com lists it at 112 pages, which suggests that it will be (or has been) significantly expanded. [Another possibility which has just been pointed out is that it’s a short story collection, although at 112 pages it’s quite a short collection.]

More information will be posted as we get it, but it does put us in mind of George’s recent remark about “all sorts of interesting new books” being discussed and/or planned following his trip to New York City.

Wild Cards Publisher Bankrupt

Via the SFWA, we learn that iBooks has filed for bankruptcy. The founder and publisher, Byron Preiss, passed away in a car accident last year, and it seems the company was unable to recover from his loss. What this means for future Wild Cards novels is, at present, an open question.

Subterranean Press Update

Subterranean Press, the publishers of the limited edition "A Song of Ice and Fire" and other works, has provided some new information regarding the status of A Storm of Swords and other GRRM-related projects. Besides learning that the Charles Vess-illustrated A Storm of Swords is nearly ready for release, it’s noted that Tom Canty is currently working on A Feast for Crows and Fevre Dream is beginning to roll along.

GRRM on Fictionwise

Fictionwise.com, one of the leading e-book sites, has recently added several of GRRM’s stories to its already-sizable collection (which includes a number of GRRM’s novels, including parts of the Wild Cards series). Particularly notable additions are “A Song for Lya”, “Portraits of His Children”, and “The Glass Flower”. The full list of the e-books available for purchase can be found here.

A Song For Lya

George’s classic short story of doomed romance, “A Song for Lya”, is now available for download at Fictionwise.

Death Draws Five Cover

John J. Miller has shared with us the cover to the upcoming Wild Cards: Death Draws Five, a book we’ve previously reported about. The cover depicts the Midnight Angel, as illustrated by Mike S. Miller and Etienne St-Laurent.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with a news item concerning the 17th Wild Cards novel, Death Draws Five, written by John J. Miller. The book has been scheduled for a January release in hardcover. More information regarding the novel can be found on the news page, as well as in this entry, which includes information concerning how to buy older volumes of the books straight from John. Also updated has been the "From My Readers" section, with a new entry in ASoIaF-inspired baby names.

For those who are really big fans of the series, it should be noted that John has been posting at the ASoIaF board, in the Other Authors forum, where he’s happy to answer questions.

Wild Cards Books From John J. Miller

We recently had the pleasure of meeting John J. Miller—one of the many fine writers involved in the creation of the Wild Cards series of books—in Glasgow during the Worldcon. When we heard that he had some books for sale, we decided to contact him to ask about that, as well as any news we have. First, news about forthcoming Wild Cards books:

Official Site Update

At GRRM’s official site, the "For Collectors" section has been updated with information about GRRM’s early writings for fanzines.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with information about a couple of upcoming limited editions: the A Game of Thrones RPG from Guardians of Order and the SF novella "Shadow Twin", which GRRM co-wrote with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham, from Subterranean Press.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with another special Christmas offer, which appears to be replacing the previous one. Until the end of the year, GRRM is selling three books for $99: GRRM: A RRetrospective, Tuf Voyaging and Windhaven.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has once more been updated. He notes (as we have already reported) that his TorCon speech has been printed by Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. He also mentions several upcoming foreign-language editions of various books, including new Swedish editions of A Song of Ice and Fire!

RRetrospective Nominated for WFA

George R.R. Martin: A RRetrospective has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award in the Best Collection category.

New Short Story

Late August/Early September will see the publication of the October issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, which will contain a memoir by GRRM titled "The Heart of a Small Child".

Fevre Dream Limited Edition

Subterranean Press, the makers of GRRM: A RRetrospective, will also be producing a limited edition of GRRM’s Fevre Dream. This book can be pre-ordered straight from Subterranean Press or from Clarkesworld Books.

As owners of the RRetrospective (bought from Clarkesworld Books, who made sure it arrived in perfect condition) as well as another edition of Fevre Dream, we can thoroughly recommend both the quality of books from Subterranean Press and the novel itself.