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Brotherhood without Banners

BwB Site Launched

With its opening officially announced before a packed room at Interaction, Worldcon 2005, the Brotherhood without Banners’ official website has started auspiciously. Jam-packed with information about past BwB gatherings and members, as well as information regarding collecting GRRM’s works. Sign up as a member and be entered in the club’s White Book today!

BwB Raffle

If you want a chance to win some cool, GRRM-related prizes, why not buy a ticket for the Brotherhood Without Banner’s raffle? The grand prize is a signed copy of GRRM: A RRetrospective, and there are plenty of other goodies up for grabs too.

Celebratory Gift for GRRM

The BwB is collecting donations to buy a gift for GRRM, as well as something for Parris, to congratulate him on the completion of A Feast for Crows. If you’d like to contribute, see this thread on the forum.

Pre-Order BwB T-Shirt

This year’s Brotherhood Without Banners t-shirt is now available for pre-ordering. Pre-orders receive a discount of $5.

BwB T-Shirts Info

If you are thinking of getting this year’s Brotherhood Without Banners t-shirt, check out this thread on the board for more information.

GRRM Holiday Gift

As has become tradition, the Brotherhood without Banners and the ASoIaF message board are collecting money for gifts for GRRM and Parris. It’s been decided that we’ll be giving GRRM a miniature knight or two (from Brian Rodden, who produced the fantastic Robert at the Trident figure) and the continued sponsorship of Sasquatch the wolf for Parris.

Discussion of the gifts and instructions for donation can be found in the ATTN: GRRM Holiday Gift Fund thread.

BwB on Wired.com

The Brotherhood Without Banners, an unofficial fan club for GRRM’s works, had the rare distinction of being highlighted in a Wired.com Worldcon pictorial, with a photo of the ASoIaF board members Caress of Cersei and Chataya.

Boston WorldCon Info

This years WorldCon in Boston is fast approaching, and if you are considering going, you should check out the information provided by the Brotherhood without Banners, who once again will be organizing a great WorldCon party. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow fans and, of course, GRRM himself.

To help cover the costs of organizing the party, the BwB is holding a raffle. Tickets can be purhcased both by those who are going and those who won’t be attending, and the prizes will undoubtedly be of great interest to GRRM fans.

Brotherhood Without Banners

With The Hedge Knight #1 now out, many may have noticed that nifty Brotherhood without Banners ad. The BwB, named after Lord Beric’s merry band, is the nascent fan organization that has helped bring about such wonderful events as the BwB meet (featuring GRRM!) at ConJose and again this year at TorCon. If there’s any one man—besides GRRM—who deserves to be considered the heart of the Brotherhood, it has to be Lodengarl.