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Bantam on Audio Books and Maps

Two little tidbits of information have come our way via Bantam, the U.S. publishers of A Song of Ice and Fire, that we thought we’d share:

  • Recently, rumor claimed that the audio books of the series were going to be recalled and replaced with new editions voiced by at least some of the actors from the series, with additional sound effects and music. However, this is untrue. What Bantam is doing is preparing to release the A Game of Thrones audio book with the new HBO art when ready (we’ve reported on the plans previously). There are no plans whatsoever to re-record, introduce sound effects, and so on at this time.
  • The DelRaySpectra official twitter mentioned that they’re now labelling redone maps, plus they’ve ordered up a brand new one (which we speculate is the Free Cities map GRRM has previously mentioned.) We’re not going to read tea leaves over what this particular activity might or might not mean regarding the delayed A Dance with Dragons, but we should note that DelRaySpectra’s response refers to Tear’s map as apparently being an impetuous for Bantam commissioning redone maps.