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UPDATE: Dangerous Women

Update: It turns out that the initial report was a little garbled. In fact, what GRRM has indicated is that Dangerous Women is the working title of the next themed anthology project he’s working on, and that the next Dunk & Egg story would appear there. The actual title of the story remains unknown, but our speculation about the Wolf Women still seems accurate. Thanks to @Pizama for the tip.


According to a report we’ve placed in the So Spake Martin collection, George R.R. Martin revealed that the fourth “Dunk & Egg” novella—stories following the exploits of the young Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg aproximately 90 years prior to the novels—will have that title.

“Dangerous Women” does suggest that we may be seeing the Wolf Women of Winterfell, which should be interesting.

The Dunk & Egg novellas are great reads, but it’s a little difficult to find them at times. “The Hedge Knight” is most easily found in Dreamsongs, volume II, part of a fantastic, retrospective collection of some of GRRM’s earliest fiction as well as some of his very best (including multiple award-winning stories from the period of time where some have argued that he was the best short fiction writer in the genre); we recommend the first volume as well. The second story, “The Sworn Sword”, can be found in Legends II: Dragon, Sword, and King, part of an anthology series containing various masters of the fantasy genre. FInally, the latest, “The Mystery Knight”, can be found in the GRRM- and Gardner Dozois-edited Warriors, a cross-genre anthology.