The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


HBO Game of Thrones Trademarks

Due to a tip shared over at Winter is Coming, it seems HBO filed for merchandise-related trademarks for Game of Thrones back in June, and most recently renewed an application on December 9. The text of that filing can be found here, and the rest of the filings can be found here.

From what we can tell, HBO’s Class 021 filing for opposition in September—the only one of the original filings to be so published according to the records—and seems to have renewed it little more than a week ago. One small change? All the other filings are for “A Game of Thrones”, while this one is for “Game of Thrones”. I imagine we’ll be seeing the rest filed under the latter mark soon enough.

What areas of merchandise do the filings cover? Here’s what we pulled from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database:

  • International Class 009: Pre-recorded DVD’s featuring a television series; downloadable screensaver software for use on personal computers; downloadable ring tones and ring backs available via a global computer network and wireless devices; pre-recorded video clips and promotional spots on CDs, video tapes and DVDs featuring content relating to an action, adventure, dramatic television series; prerecorded video shorts and promotional spots on CDs, video tapes and DVDs featuring content related to a television series; digital materials, namely, downloadable pre-recorded audio files, video files and graphics files for use in handheld wireless devices and all featuring content from or relating to a television series; headphones, earphones and ear buds; mouse pads; gaming devices, namely, gaming machines, slot machines, bingo machines with or without video input; machines for playing games of chance
  • International Class 016: printed matter and paper goods all featuring content from or relating to an ongoing television series
  • International Class 018: bags; umbrellas; goods made of leather and imitation leather
  • International Class 021: Cosmetic brushes, eye shadow brushes, eyebrow brushes, lip brushes, make-up brushes, nail brushes, powder puffs; mugs, drinking glasses, shot glasses, dishes, plates, bowls, cups, saucers and trays made of glassware, porcelain, ceramic or earthenware; wine buckets, wine openers, coolers for wine, non-electric coffee pots, coffee stirrers and non-electric coffee grinders; household utensils, namely graters, spatulas and rolling pins; containers for household or kitchen use, all relating to an ongoing television series
  • International Class 025: Clothing, footwear, headgear
  • International Class 041: Entertainment services in the nature of an ongoing television series; interactive online entertainment in the nature of a website containing photographic, video and prose presentations, related film clips and other multimedia materials featuring an ongoing television series