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Roy Dotrice to Record A Feast for Crows Audio

Wow! Fans have been asking for years for the publishers to consider re-recording A Feast for Crows, the fourth novel of the A Song of Ice and Fire series…. and Random House and HarperCollins Voyager has listened! Roy Dotrice has already recorded the book (sneaky, sneaky!) and it will be available as a digital download via Audible.com and Audible.co.uk on December 15th, with a CD set due March 2012.

Roy Dotrice,  but the fans have been wanting to hear him on it enough that they’ve decided to go ahead and re-record. Fantastic news, suffice it to say! A veteran, award-winning actor, Dotrice became acquainted with GRRM from playing the role of Father in Beauty and the Beast, and the two have been friends ever since. Dotrice was initially cast in the role of Grand Maester Pycelle in HBO’s Game of Thrones, but health issues forced him to withdraw; he was cast as Hallyne, a wisdom of the Guild of Alchemists, for season 2.

Here’s an excerpt:

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New audiobook recording of George R.R. Martin’s A FEAST FOR CROWS now available from Random House, narrated by Roy Dotrice

Dotrice’s narration will be available December 15th

NEW YORK, NY (December 12, 2011)—Random House Audio announces today that it will release a new recording of George R.R. Martin’s A FEAST FOR CROWS, the fourth book in Martin’s bestselling series, A Song of Ice and Fire, narrated by fan favorite, Roy Dotrice.

Dotrice earned a passionate following from listeners and a Guinness World Record for his work on the series, creating 224 voices for the first book in the series, A GAME OF THRONES.

The new recording will be available December 15th, published by Random House Audio, and HarperAudio UK, and clocks in at 33 hours, 48 minutes long.

A U.S. & Canada CD edition will be published by Random House Audio in March 2012 to coincide with the second season premiere of the HBO series, “Game of Thrones,” which will feature Dotrice onscreen as Hallyne the pyromancer, chief of the Guild of Alchemists.

“Fans from all over the world requested a Roy Dotrice recording of A FEAST FOR CROWS,” says Amanda D’Acierno, Vice President and Publisher, Random House Audio. “We are so pleased to be working with HarperAudio in the UK to publish this edition for our listeners.”

The A Song of Ice and Fire series has more than 12 million of the five books in print, including more than 313,000 audio CDs and digital downloads. The series has developed a huge cult following, peaking this year with the release of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS and the premiere of the HBO TV adaptation.