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Croatian Filming Reports

Interest in Game of Thrones is high in Croatia, thanks to the production currently filming there, and that’s led to some interesting reports (both official, via news media, and unofficial by interested fans and maybe the occasional extra). One of the former can be seen below, a short piece depicting extras in costume as Kingslanders and gold cloaks, filming at the Minčeta Tower. Perhaps of greatest interest, however, are the two actors interviewed: Dominic Carter (mistakingly identified as ‘Jonatan Cohen’), who plays Janos Slynt, and Andrew Wilde who plays Tobho Mott.

The video, and some comments on what the actors said (since it’s over-dubbed into Croatian) below:

According to fans, Carter states that the gold cloaks were being used to film a chase scene, while Andrew Wilde indicates that the ugly burn scar makeup he has is due to his character having been tortured. Readers of the books will, of course, recall that Mott was never actually tortured for Gendry’s disappearance, and indeed ends up being commissioned to work on a certain project for the Lannisters. However, it’s not a shocking idea that he might be tortured…

... and if we had to speculate, we’d guess that Mott’s the character being chased after escaping the gold cloaks, and that he may run smack dab into the acting Hand, Tyrion Lannister, who’ll find better use for him than being tortured for information. That’s just a guess, however.

Tip of the hat to Ivan Popić and Winter is Coming for ferreting this one out, and providing a summary of the rmarks!