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The Archive of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Lore

  • An exhaustive compilation of thematic notes, arranged in a hierarchical structure. Contains direct spoilers for pre-book history and indirect spoilers through the facts noted down for events in the books.
    The Tullys
    The Tullys have river galleys with as many as eighteen oars at their command (III: 23) The Tullys are not known for surrending easily (III: 32) The Tullys send their dead into the river that gave them their strength. Lords are laid in slender wooden boats, clad in shining silver plate and mail…
  • A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions, with some quite lengthy, essay-like answers to common discussion-topics. Contains spoilers.
    Which are the Seven Kingdoms?

    At the Event Horizon chat on March 18, 1999, GRRM gave the following answer:

    The Seven Kingdoms usage of course dates from the time of Aegon the Conqueror. At that time, there was the King in the North (1), the King of Mountain and Vale (2), the King of the Rock (3), the King of the Reach (4), the…

  • Graphical representations of almost all known banners as well as info files for houses and individuals. Contains minor spoilers in the actual listings of Houses, while major spoilers are placed in specially marked files except when it concerns banners belonging to individuals: these files may contain major spoilers right off
    House Estren

    The only member of the house to be mentioned is Lord Regenard Estren.

  • A compilation of prophecies, visions and dreams which appear to reveal something about the future. Contains spoilers, as we note when we believe a prophecy has been fulfilled.
    V: 300-301 - A Woods Witch and Jenny of Oldstones

    "Your grandsire commanded it. A woods witch had told him that the prince that was promised would be born of their line." "A woods witch?" Dany was astonished. "She came to court with Jenny of Oldstones. A stunted thing, grotesque to look upon. A dwarf, most people said, though dear to Lady Jenny,…

  • A comphrehensive collection of fan correspondance with George R.R. Martin. Also included are interviews and chats as well as reports from conventions, signings, etc. May contain spoilers even for as of yet unreleased books.
    Tea and Jeopardy Live Interview