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The Archive of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Lore

  • An exhaustive compilation of thematic notes, arranged in a hierarchical structure. Contains direct spoilers for pre-book history and indirect spoilers through the facts noted down for events in the books.
    Arms and Armor
    Ring-mail armor is worn with boiled leather, and wool in cold weather (I: 2) Weapons such as longswords might be ostentatiously decorated with gemstones and precious metals (I: 5, etc.) Common warriors may use short swords, double-bladed axes, bows, and other weapons (I: 2, 5, etc.) Dirks are one…
  • A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions, with some quite lengthy, essay-like answers to common discussion-topics. Contains spoilers.
    What happened to the five-year gap that was supposed to follow ASoS?

    Mr. Martin’s original intention was that there would have been a five or six year gap between the events of book 3 (A Storm of Swords) and book 4 (A Feast for Crows). However, during the initial writing of A Feast for Crows, Mr. Martin realized that it would not work as intended, and thus he…

  • Graphical representations of almost all known banners as well as info files for houses and individuals. Contains minor spoilers in the actual listings of Houses, while major spoilers are placed in specially marked files except when it concerns banners belonging to individuals: these files may contain major spoilers right off
    House Graves

    No member of the house has appeared yet.

  • A compilation of prophecies, visions and dreams which appear to reveal something about the future. Contains spoilers, as we note when we believe a prophecy has been fulfilled.
    V: 651 - Regarding Patchface

    Melisandre’s face darkened. "That creature is dangerous. Many a time I have glimpsed him in my flames. Sometimes there are skulls about him, and his lips are red with blood."

    The skulls, featured in others of Melisandre's visions regarding Jon Snow, appear to relate to death. The lips red with…

  • A comphrehensive collection of fan correspondance with George R.R. Martin. Also included are interviews and chats as well as reports from conventions, signings, etc. May contain spoilers even for as of yet unreleased books.
    US Signing Tour (San Francisco, CA)

    The Q&A in SF was rather standard stuff.

    Do you plan to give more information about Joffrey's murder, regarding involvement of Margaery or whether it was the chalice or pie, or do you think we pretty much have enough to know the answer?

    Maybe a tidbit here and there, but I think you have the…