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  • An exhaustive compilation of thematic notes, arranged in a hierarchical structure. Contains direct spoilers for pre-book history and indirect spoilers through the facts noted down for events in the books.
    Riverrun sits on the Red Fork of the Trident (I: 18) The godswood is a bright and airy garden, with redwoods, flowers, nesting birds, and streams. (I: 18) Riverrun has a low bailey (I: 367) Riverrun's water stair, connected to the lower bailey, leads to one of the rivers (I: 367) The battlements of…
  • A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions, with some quite lengthy, essay-like answers to common discussion-topics. Contains spoilers.
    Who is not straight?

    This article doesn’t deal with unambiguous examples of homosexuality in the novels—such as Satin or Xaro Xhoan Daxos—but instead touches on those examples which are less than clear in the novels.

    The first thing that should be noted is that "straight" is a modern notion. In pre-modern past,…

  • Graphical representations of almost all known banners as well as info files for houses and individuals. Contains minor spoilers in the actual listings of Houses, while major spoilers are placed in specially marked files except when it concerns banners belonging to individuals: these files may contain major spoilers right off
    House Sunderland

    No member of the house has yet appeared.

  • A compilation of prophecies, visions and dreams which appear to reveal something about the future. Contains spoilers, as we note when we believe a prophecy has been fulfilled.
    V: 769 - His Blade Burned Red

    Burning shafts hissed upward, trailing tongues of fire. Scarecrow brothers tumbled down, black cloaks ablaze. "Snow," an eagle cried, as foemen scuttled up the ice like spiders. Jon was armored in black ice, but his blade burned red in his fist. As the dead men reached the top of the Wall he sent…

  • A comphrehensive collection of fan correspondance with George R.R. Martin. Also included are interviews and chats as well as reports from conventions, signings, etc. May contain spoilers even for as of yet unreleased books.
    The Kingslayer’s Value as a Hostage

    Not sure if I should be doing this as most boarders I know at Ran's ezboard site suggest we do not mail you until AFfC is finished but I am curious to know something. If I am being a bother feel free to disregard this message.

    Many people feel that the Kingslayer had little to no value as a…