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  • An exhaustive compilation of thematic notes, arranged in a hierarchical structure. Contains direct spoilers for pre-book history and indirect spoilers through the facts noted down for events in the books.
    Asshai and the Shadow
    Ships from many lands come to Asshai (I: 561) Asshai lies far to the south of the Dothraki sea, at the end of the known world (I: 591) Asshai is said to be a great port (I: 591) In ancient books of Asshai it is written that there will be a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold…
  • A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions, with some quite lengthy, essay-like answers to common discussion-topics. Contains spoilers.
    Which are the 16 wonders of the world?

    According to Tyrion and Haldon Halfmaester, Lomas Longstrider travelled the world and wrote to works, Wonders and Wonders Made by Man. He cataloged sixteen wonders in total, seven by the gods and nine made by man.

    The only certain wonders appear to be the Valyrian stone roads, the fourth of the…

  • Graphical representations of almost all known banners as well as info files for houses and individuals. Contains minor spoilers in the actual listings of Houses, while major spoilers are placed in specially marked files except when it concerns banners belonging to individuals: these files may contain major spoilers right off
    House Qorgyle

    Sandstone sits in the west of Dorne amidst the desert east of the mountains. The only members of the house to appear or be mentioned are Lord Commander Qorgyle, who commanded the Night’s Watch before Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, and Ser Arron Qorgyle.

  • A compilation of prophecies, visions and dreams which appear to reveal something about the future. Contains spoilers, as we note when we believe a prophecy has been fulfilled.
    V: 651 - Regarding Patchface

    Melisandre’s face darkened. "That creature is dangerous. Many a time I have glimpsed him in my flames. Sometimes there are skulls about him, and his lips are red with blood."

    The skulls, featured in others of Melisandre's visions regarding Jon Snow, appear to relate to death. The lips red with…

  • A comphrehensive collection of fan correspondance with George R.R. Martin. Also included are interviews and chats as well as reports from conventions, signings, etc. May contain spoilers even for as of yet unreleased books.
    Boskone (Boston, MA; February 18-20)

    GRRM most assuredly stated the book covered more like FIVE months (not four) than five years. As drunk as I have been in the past few hours, I am certain of this.

    The Dabel Bros, (Ernst, Les, and later on Pascal) were there. Seems they were ironing out a deal to adapt 'The Sworn Sword' into comic…