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    Game of Thrones Prequel Production Date Set

    According to EW, the Game of Thrones prequel/successor headed by Jane Goldman is set to begin production in the early Summer. James Hibberd reports that Casey Bloys, HBO’s programming president, has previously indicated that a new show won’t air until at least a year has passed from the airing of…

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    Finn Jones Behind the Scenes in Chicago

    We’ve a special feature today courtesy of a fan, Christine, who attended the Game of Thrones exhibit in Chicago the weekend before last (there’s one more coming to Los Angeles on December 9th and 10th), with a look at all the neat stuff HBO has put together in celebration of the release of the

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    Salladhor Saan

    A notorious Lyseni pirate and smuggler, Salladhor Saan is a flamboyant, colorful old man with curly white hair, given to outlandish clothing. A friend of Ser Davos’s from his smuggling days, he leads his pirate fleet on Stannis’s behalf, as the Baratheon claimant to the throne.

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    The Dragon and the Wolf
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    Episode 3: 06