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    House of the Dragon On Track for 2022

    Deadline has reported on an interview with Casey Bloys, the president of HBO, following HBO’s strong showing at the 2020 Emmys. Towards the end of the article, Deadline reports:

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    A Visit to Belfast

    Earlier this month, I posted about our experience at the Dublin Worldcon and the Belfast Eurocon. But in Belfast, I had the opportunity—courtesy of Northern Ireland Tourism, who’ve invited us to see the “Game of Thrones Territory” twice before; the first of these is recorded here—to do a bit more…

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    A notorious wildling raider who calls himself the Lord of Bones, but is more commonly known to the Night’s Watch as Rattleshirt, thanks to the suit of bones he wears, including a giant’s skull for a helm. Beneath the armor and furs, he turns out to be a rather small, sallow man with thinning black…

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    The Iron Throne
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