Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


A Night of Swords, Song, and Farce
IC Date: Day 22 of Month 7, 175 AC
RL Date: January 22, 2024.

The ancient stones of the Old Palace of Sunspear witnessed an unusual evening as the Sealord of Braavos and his illustrious entourage graced the courtyard, offering a splendid display of Braavosi arts to their Dornish hosts. The courtyard, illuminated by torches, braziers, and bonfires, was crowded with an expectant audience lured by the promise of novelty.

In attendance were dignitaries from both Braavos and Dorne, gathered around a raised dais where the Sealord, Tenesio Velaron, and the Prince of Dorne, Maron Nymeros Martell, sat in regal splendor. Prince Rhodry Martell, the prince’s uncle, and his wife, Tanyth of House Toland, were also present, reflecting the convergence of powerful figures from both regions. So, too, was the Lord Shariff, Ser Mavros Uller, and his half-foreign bastard Samara Sand who had opted to dress as a bravo, a style she had been accustomed to (it was said) in Braavos. Also present: Ser Farien, heir to Yronwood and husband of Princess Ariana Martell; Ser Arrant, the heir to Blackmont; Prince Cadan’s companion Ser Corrent Gargalen; Allyria Dayne, wife of the castellan of Planky Town; the knight Jehan Santagar; and many others besides.

The evening’s entertainment began with a captivating mock duel between two of Braavos’s finest bravos, Gerrio and Aldono. Dressed in vibrant linens and silks, the duo wielded slender waterdancer’s swords, their colorful garments reflecting the popinjay fashion of the bravos in contrast to the somber hues preferred by the elites of Braavos. The exhibition, marked by graceful movements and precise strikes, showcased the legendary skill of the Braavosi bravos, drawing admiration from the enthralled audience.

As the mock duel unfolded, however, the atmosphere shifted when Aldono attempted a decisive blow, only to be thwarted by Gerrio’s agile maneuvers. The tension peaked as Gerrio, with a dancer’s finesse, countered Aldono’s attack and struck him bodily, leading Aldono to rage until Gerrio won the contest by placing his sword on Aldono’s neck. It was clear from rumors afterward that the two men would settle their dispute privately, in some alley or yard of the shadow city… and only one would walk away.

Following the exhilarating duel, the beautiful courtesans Essella Antaryon (known as the Daughter of the Sands, for her Dornish heritage) and Taela Gresayn (called the Wild Flower) took the stage, offering a cultural bridge between Dorne and Braavos. Essella’s poetic recitation on the founding of Braavos and the shared ties between the two regions echoed through the courtyard. Taela’s melodic accompaniment on the lute added a musical layer to the performance, enhancing the emotional resonance of Essella’s words.

The mood lightened with the appearance of four mummers who brought levity to the evening. The ribald farce, satirizing King Aegon IV’s failed invasion of Dorne, showcased the comedic talents of the mummers. The play culminated in a call for unity between Dorne and Braavos, to the applause and cheers of the audience who were left wiping tears of laughter from their eyes after the many pratfalls and scurrilouss calumnies against Aegon that the mummers put forth.

The Sealord and the Prince of Dorne seized the moment to make significant announcements. The Braavosi embassy, would sail for Braavos next week, taking with them envoys from Dorne (rumors already abound that Samara Sand was returning to Braavos, taking her twin children—acknowledged as Prince Rhodry’s—to serve as wards in the Sealord’s court). The Sealord and the Prince of Dorne pledged willingness to provide mutual aid if any power threatened either party, solidifying a diplomatic alliance. Furthermore, plans for a Braavosi trading post in Planky Town were unveiled, promising increased trade and economic ties between the two regions.

The night continued with a feast that echoed with a newfound alliance between Dorne and Braavos, although some among the Dornish had hoped it would have gone further; indeed, to go so far as a promise of punitive action against the Iron Throne for its efforts. That does not seem to be the case, however, although the Sealord and the Prince both hinted that there may be some more announcements to come. Some wondered if this had to do with the swirling rumors that the prince’s brother, Prince Malor, might take a Braavosi bride… and that the Sealord himself might take a betrothed back with him to Braavos.