Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH



Blood of Dragons MUSH is focused on the social and political interactions at the courts of King’s Landing and Sunspear, and as a backdrop for this the Admin have created over 2000 characters arranged into a vast network of family trees that includes many of the noble houses in Westeros. In the Profiles wiki you can learn more about some of these characters and get a sense of the various groups—more or less formal, social as well as political—that exist at court.

If you are a player on the game, you can of course contribute. All PCs are naturally more than welcome to be included, as they are considered key roles by virtue of being PCs. Just get in touch with Nymeria via +mail or page on the game to get setup with an account. The Admin will also be working on adding profiles for all Features as well as many significant NPCs who are present at either court. The Admin have also put together a Guide to how to use the wiki; it includes the basic templates that should be used for all profiles, as well as information about tags, linking, etc.

The information about specific characters in the Profiles wiki is not intended as a replacement for the character database or for the family trees. Those resources are still the ultimate authorities on information about the characters on the MUSH. But through the wiki players can help build up more easily accessible information about the social and political atmosphere at each court.