Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Media Surge: Interviews and Reviews

Coverage of Game of Thrones is bigging to reach tidal wave-proportions. EW and io9 now have GoT-specific categories, the New Yorker has spoken with George, as has the New York Times, Jason Momoa has given a terrific, fun interview… Lets link some of those up, for those who are eager to get at them:

And as for impressions and reviews ... well, where to start? We were cataloging for awhile the positive word from a wide range of critics and journalists—James Hibberd, Alan Sepinwall, Dalton Ross, James Poniewozik, Jennifer Arrow, and more have all been positive (and, at least in some cases, ecstatic)—but there’s just too much right now. Suffice it to say, we’ve yet to see a negative opinion, whether from critics who’ve read the books or critics who never have.

But lets take some of the first, six-episode reviews or commentaries from the critics that have been published to date:

  • Jace Lacob of Televisionary and the Daily Beast has recently devoured the novels, and now writes something of a paean to the series. Lets just say he’s blown away.
  • Myles McNutt looks at it in a thoughtful way, recognizing his fandom (he’s read all the novels multiple times) and considering what that means in relation to remaining critical.
  • Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter, a critic who has never read the novels, also loves it and rates it above some of the other costume dramas coming out in April.
  • James Poniewozik of Time hasn’t given a formal review yet, but in remarks on the 14 minute preview he notes that he’s watched and in some cases he’s re-watched, that his Sunday evenings are now spoken for, and that he’s “ravenous for more”.

And as you know, Linda and I loved it.