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Ratings and Shooting Locations

After last weeks very small drop in the ratings—which was strange, coming off of episode 5—the ratings for this Memorial Day weekend looked unlikely to sustain growth. And that, we suppose, is true enough: as reported by James Hibberd for EW, the show held steady at 2.4 million viewers, with 3.2 million in total after the repeat that evening. However, as Hibberd notes, this particular Sundy evening was down 21% overall in viewership, so holding steady isn’t bad at all.

Hibberd predicts a rise this Sunday, but we’re not so sure: game 3 of the NBA Finals are taking place at the same time, and that’s bound to draw a few eyeballs, especially if the Mavericks and Heat (Go, Heat! BTW) are 1-1 going into that game.

In the U.K., the numbers have had this strange +/-100k fluctuation, down to 527k this time around, but total viewership via repeats, On Demand, and Sky Player apparently passed the 1.45 million mark, the highest mark the show has yet reached since the premiere. “Appointment TV” may not quite be where the show is right now, either in the U.S. or U.K., but the numbers have been solid and dependable.

In other news, the Rabbit came across an article revealing one of the new Northern Ireland shooting locations: Ballintoy Harbour, of which there are some very picturesque photos.

There’s really only two locations from A Clash of Kings that this location could be used for, it seems to us: Pyke, and the harbor beneath the citadel of Dragonstone. Maybe both? It’s all in the angles…