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Preview 02: Screencap 37

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What’s this? A brand new scene featuring the Kingslayer and Jon Snow. In the novel, Jon thinks to himself that in contrast to Robert, Ser Jaime really looked like king. However, the two are never shown to speak in the novel. What do they have to speak of? In all likelihood, it’s verbal sparring, but I’ve always felt that there are certain parallels between the characters which make a depicted meeting especially intriguing.

A detail a *ahemhem*th watch made me realize is that the figure in the foreground here is Mikken, Winterfell’s smith, who’s in fact a member of the production’s armory department (they’re the ones who create the weapons), working with Tommy Dunne and others to produce the hundreds of weapons the show needs, including the various “hero” weapons such as Ice. Moreover, in this shot you can see that he’s polishing or sharpening nothing less than Needle itself. You can see the sort of ring guard style hilts, and the very slender blade quite well.

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