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And now we get the story on the other side of the narrow sea! Magister Illyrio personally introduces Daenerys and Viserys. He names Viserys “rightful king of the Andals”. In the book, a eunuch heralds his arrival and gives him his full, assumed style, including, “King of the Andals and the First Men and the Rhoynar”, though there’s signs that the Rhoynar name is never mentioned in the show.

As far as Illyrio goes, Roger Allam has a great voice, though obviously he’s not really morbidly obese as Illyrio is supposed to be, nor does he have the yellow-dyed beard. We recently saw photos of Allam from a function in late November—he got rid of the beard, whereas he had a couple of months before. Obviously happy to be rid of the thing.

Daenerys’s gown is a pale lilac and quite clingy and thin, much as what’s described in the book. A great touch is how Viserys grabs her wrist in a grasp that’s doubtless painful, just as in the book.

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