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And here’s the result of that “discussion”, as Grenn threatens to cut Jon‘s throat while Rast and Pypar hold him down.

Here we see the scene is not quite like the novel, Pypar was not involved, and Grenn actually had three others with him: the rapers Rast and Cuger (unnamed in the TV series and simply noted as Raper #2), and Todder (called Toad). Having Pypar around makes him seem a bit less harmless than he did in the books, but then again, we’ve seen that he gets quite ferocious when fighting Jon in a training match, so they’ve toughened his character up somewhat.

Most importantly, though, is the figure we see entering the scene in the background: Tyrion. We’ve previously reported that Donal Noye—the character who appears in the novel to break things up—has not been cast, with much of his role (as it relates specifically to Jon) given to Tyrion.

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