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Teaser 05: Screencap 11

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This is our first look at the exterior of Winterfell, in a scene that appears to be depicting the royal party and the Starks departing for King’s Landing as some of the denizens of Winterfell stand by to watch. At least one seems to be struck by grief, as it seems they’re clasping their head.

The gate that the party is passing through was constructed, but the rest of the exterior appears to be purely digital. What strikes us most is that Winterfell is much more realistically sized than in the books, where its walls are given as being eighty and more than a hundred feet high, respectively, but here they seem to be more along the lines of real-world castles. This is a small surprise for us, since having seen the exterior of the Red Keep, if anything they’ve actually made that castle even more fantastical than the huge, imposing bulwark described in the novels. Hopefully Winterfell will at least retain the sense of a great sprawl of ancient and newer construction, spreading over many acres.

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