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Another Taste of Winds of Winter

Via EW, fans can now read a paragraph—yes, a whole paragraph!—from The Winds of Winter. This is actually a clever means of noting a unique approach that Random House has decided to use to promote the World of Ice and Fire app (Buy: iOS, Android): the next big update (which, yes, Linda and I have worked on and teased, due next month, will also include the full chapter that is being previewed here.

As I said in the tease, the update will be of particular interest to fans of The Lands of Ice and Fire (Order: Amazon US, Amazon UK), as it will provide some new information on some of the new lands and places that the map has revealed, as well as additions of a number of characters that previously weren’t covered in the update.

For those who want to know more about what this chapter—which appears to be Tyrion’s second chapter from The Winds of Winter—contains, Martin has actually read it previously at Worldcon. Reports from the reading, and ensuing discussion, can be found at our forum.