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From Dubrovnik to Morocco

At the end of last week, the Game of Thrones production wrapped up its time in Dubrovnik, but the media there got quite a lot of video and pictures which may be of interest.  Here’s a sampling:

The video below is particularly interesting because we glimpse a scene being shot, featuring Sibel Kekilli, Sophie Turner, Aidan Gillen, and Esme Bianco, which we think must be a scene from episode 1 given an interview with David and Dan that seems to be done the same day.

Photos of the scene and actors can be found here, here, here, here, and here. Lovely gown on Esmé Bianco.

That said, of particular interest to us was executive produce Frank Doelger’s long hesitation when the interviewer reveals that he’s heard that the production will be in Dubrovnik for two months next year, which is interesting. Caught flat-footed like that, he obviously had to figure out the right politic answer… which seemed to entail not referring to how long they’ll be there in Dubrovnik at all, it seems, “if” there’s fourth season.

But here’s an extended interview Benioff and Weiss, which, when paired with the interview with executive producer Frank Doelger in the above video, makes it seem almost a fait accompli that season 4 is going forward. D.B. Weiss attempts to state it’s not yet sure, but David Benioff basically doesn’t follow suit and simply goes forward as if it’s all be sure. No, HBO has not confirmed this, and anything can happen between now and the season premiere—but there seems to be a very strong feeling by all around that the next season is all but a lock.

Where to next? Well, work still continues in Belfast of course (more on that a little later—big things are afoot), but we know several actors (Ian McElhinney, Emilia Clarke, and Iain Glen, to name just three) are heading to Morocco for filming exteriors there over the next week or two.