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GRRM Talks Season 3

Several excellent interviews with George R.R. Martin came out of last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, but two stood out because of some interesting remarks from Martin thanks to the A Song of Ice and Fire-aware journalists who asked the questions.

First up, here’s Kara Warner talks to GRRM for MTV:

Most notable detail? The reason Mance Rayder’s casting hasn’t been announced is that they’re still casting the part, and George urges British actors interested in the role to get in touch with casting director Nina Gold about auditioning. Also, no comment on Strong Belwas—that’s not necessarily a good or bad sign, but… I’m going to assume we may not get the character.

And then the always-excellent Jolie Lash talked to George for Access Hollywood:

He again confirms that Theon Greyjoy will be appearing this season, which is a deviation from the novels (where he is not seen at all in the corresponding novel, A Storm of Swords, and only briefly mentioned), and discusses how difficult it can be to write entirely new scenes for characters.