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Maester’s Path 5th Link and NYC Food Experience

The fifth and final puzzle of the Maester’s Path has now gone live! With each of the previous puzzles having covered four of the five senses, this one deals with the last sense left: taste. And it ties in, thematically at least, with HBO’s taste experience that’ll be playing out in New York City and Los Angeles over the next couple of weeks, as award-winning chef Tom Cochillio of Top Chef has planned out the menu.

And just in time for that, today happens to be the first evening for the food truck in New York City. At last report, it will be somewhere in the vicinity of Union Square at 6PM. The menu for today is inspired by King’s Landing and features trout, rabbit, and (of course) lemon cakes, a brief video describing it that we’ve embed below, plus the full menus for all five days of the experience… which are necessary to solving the puzzle!

ETA: Steve Coulson of Campfire says to read the clue very carefully. And then he noted that “before the fold” was very important. Which leads one to folding… and look, each menu has fruits, some of which are sliced and some of which are not. And the slices line up pretty well, as if directing you how to fold… Once you have the answer, type it in after the test starts and you should see quite a nice scene!