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Game of Thrones

2013 Calendar Artist

George R.R. Martin has just announced that plans are already under way for the 2013 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar, with French artist Marc Simonetti—known by fans for some of his beautiful covers for the French editions of the series—set to provide the art. An example of his art can be seen below. As we posted yesterday, the 2012 calendar by John Picacio is available for pre-order, and GRRM notes that Picacio has fully completed eight of twelve pieces, with two nearly complete and two at a rough stage.

In other, interesting news, George mentions that there are discussions at HBO to possibly create a Game of Thrones calendar which would feature photography of actors, scenes, locales, and the like.

U.S. Tie-In and Calendar

The U.S. tie-in cover for Game of Thrones now revealed and is now available for pre-order at and other retailers. Again, featuring the official poster art with Ned on the Iron Throne, it’s a strong image, although purists may take issue with the title losing the the article to match the TV series.

Taking a look at the entry also reminded us of the fact that the 2012 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar is up for pre-order, featuring the stunning art of award-winning artist John Picacio.  We’re hoping that the next couple of months will provide us some more previews, but that image of Ned Stark with Ice in front of the heart tree of Winterfell is pretty amazing in and of itself…

And, via Olaf, it’s been noted to us that there’s a four book set now available, featuring the four new covers with some HBO trade dress on them. Rather handsome. You can see a mock-up of the box with the books in it here, from Random House’s catalog.

TitanCon in Belfast

Fans who’ve been able to make it out to Belfast while Game of Thrones was filming have had the pleasure of taking part in the Belfast Moots with GRRM, Parris, and many of the actors (see my report from the second Moot). They’re terrific events, and many have hoped another Moot would be possible, but various uncertainties—such as when, or even if, Game of Thrones would be filming a second season—has led to the realization that a third Moot simply isn’t something that can be arranged well in advance.

So, instead, the Brotherhood without Banners, Studio NI, and The Others (a Belfast-based SF fan group) have decided to put together TitanCon. Here’s their announcement:

TitanCon is a science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast Northern Ireland including panels on HBO and George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones, organised and run by GRRM fangroup the Brotherhood Without Banners, Studio NI, Northern Ireland’s largest arts and culture group, and The Other Ones a Belfast science fiction and fantasy society.

Our Guest of Honour is SF author and Belfast local Ian McDonald. Sadly George’s schedule this year is just so crazy we don’t know if he will be able to get to Belfast this year. This con isn’t just about GoT, it aims to cover the broad spectrum of SF/F literature, media and gaming.

We cannot confirm any guests from Game of Thrones at this time – we have to wait till season 2 gets the greenlight but we are extremely confident that will happen and we intend to do everything we can to get some cast and crew members along to TitanCon as guests. Even if we fail in that there will be several discussion panels on the show.

We are offering an open invitation to all cast and crew members to come down and be our guests.

I’m not one to prognosticate, but I would guess that even if Game of Thrones were to fail to get a second season, it seems fairly probable some of the local Northern Irish and Irish cast and crew members may still be on hand. And, who knows? If there’s a second season, there might be an even more significant presence… The cost is very reasonable indeed, at just £10 for a full membership or £5 for a supporting membership.

Updates on Dance With Dragons and More

A very busy past week on several fronts. Here’s a quick recap of some notable items for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire:

  • In his latest “Not a Blog” update, GRRM points out the newest trailer from HBO for Game of Thrones (our screen captures and commentary are linked here) and also notes that of the two “krakens” he was wrestling with,  one is down and one was “down to the last tentacle.” Sounds like one chapter done and one nearly done. After them, he said he had a “wolf” to see to. In comments, when asked about page count, he says it’s at present a toss-up whether A Dance with Dragons or A Storm of Swords will be the longest novel in the series.
  • Speaking of A Storm of Swords, it took the #6 place in’s Best SF/F of the Decade. has a series of guest appreciations of the top ten novels lined up, and we were very graciously asked to provide one for A Storm of Swords, which is set to be published on the 10th. To commemorate the list, is also running a contest with one lucky winner recieving copies of each of the top ten novels.
  • And speaking of ourselves… If you missed it, very kindly asked to interview me about George’s fandom, the origins of, and my visit to the sets and production offices of Game of Thrones back in October. You can read the interview here, and the first set visit report if you’re interested.
  • Dark Sword Miniatures has revealed that Tom Meier sculpted a bonus diorama for his figures of Jojen Reed, Meera Reed, and Hodor with Bran Stark, and this is being sold as part of a figure pack. Though the diorama isn’t on display, some great pictures of the miniatures can be seen. Meier’s a legend among miniature sculptures, and you can see why from these.
  • Finally, Voyager has followed through and released both A Storm of Swords and A Feast for Crows for the Kindle in the U.K. Newly proofed, these texts should be superior to those that were available earlier. We’ve also heard from Voyager that mid- to late-March should see the re-release of A Game of Thrones with art from the HBO series (airing on Sky Atlantic in the U.K.)
GRRM Back from LA

George R.R. Martin reports that he is back home after his whirlwind press tour, sitting down for a number of interviews and, of course, his big presentation at TCA. Though still a little tired from his recent illness, he’s planning to get back to work on A Dance with Dragons (aka Kong) tomorrow, although with a curtailed work schedule on doctor’s orders.

We’ll soon have a couple of reports from the Vroman’s signing and the post-signing meetup in the So Spake Martin collection, to add to the other reports that have trickled in.

GRRM Updates

At Not a Blog, George R.R. Martin explains his long silence over this holiday season having been due to an acute infection from E. coli. This led to an extended hospital stay from Christmas morning to just about New Year’s Eve, but antibiotics and other treatment have helped beat the illness. He is still recovering, and remains somewhat tired, but he confirms that he will follow through on his commitment to appear at the media-only TCA event this Friday, and will carry out his signing at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena on Sunday (he does ask fans who attend to go easy on him, however, and only bring a book or two for him to sign).

He also indicates that one of the announcements he hoped to make won’t be happening due to this, but he hopes to be fully recovered by the end of the month, and back to work before that. This does suggest he had hoped to spend the holidays finishing up A Dance with Dragons, but it appears he’ll need to get his health back on track.

Our best wishes to him as he recovers!

A Game of Thrones, NYT Bestseller

The New York Times seems to show that fans have been ringing in the New Year with a healthy dose of A Game of Thrones. Their January 2nd list of mass market paperbacks shows George R.R. Martin’s novel—first published in that format in 1996—has entered the list at 25, while their following list places it up a spot to 24.

This resurgence of the series can be put down to the burgeoning awareness thanks to Game of Thrones, the HBO series, and fits the anecdotal evidence we’ve seen via Twitter, with every day seemingly bringing more people reading and tweeting about the series. We expect that Bantam’s planned reissue of the first novel with a cover featuring imagery from the series will likely land even higher as we get closer to the April premiere of the much-anticipated fantasy TV series.


Another update from GRRM, one of the Angelenos. He’ll be over in Los Angeles in early January (remember, he’s due to attend the TCA Winter Press Tour panel on January 7th) and he’ll be seeing about arranging some public events, such as a signing (probably in the San Fernando Valley area) or a mini-moot. The latter seems almost a certainty, as he adds that David McCaman—a fixture and long-time organizer of the Brotherhood without Banners fan club—will be organizing event on that same day, January 9th.

Keep an eye out here and on the this thread for more details in the days to come.

George adds a tantalizing final note: he may have something exciting to announce ... and maybe two exciting things, “but don’t quote me on that”.

Updates from GRRM

Over at “Not a Blog”, George R.R. Martin provides two brief updates. As previously reported, he confirmed that filming had wrapped on the first season of Game of Thrones. Our congratulations to all the cast and crew!

But before that update, he had a small update concerning A Dance with Dragons. He noted that he had recently finished a chapter, and had revised (and then re-revised) another, and was presently writing material concerning Jon Snow and the “krakens” (referring to the Greyjoys and the ironborn they rule).

As we’ve reported in the past, George had five chapters left to write as of November. So is it four left? Hard to say. As GRRM cautioned, sometimes a chapter needs to be broken up and expanded into two or even three chapters before he’s happy with it. Still, though it’s a “slog” as he calls it, progress continues.

Video from Days of Ice and Fire

Via “Not a Blog”, George informs fans that a report and video from Fantasy Flight Games following their Days of Ice and Fire event have been posted. The video’s quite cool, featuring GRRM’s remarks on his cameo in HBO’s Game of Thrones, a few examples of name pronunciations, and remarks from a panel including two of his Wild Cards collaborators, Melinda Snodgrass (who’s just posted some interesting thoughts on Dragon Age 2) and Ian Tregillis.

You can find these reports (plus the video), along with other Days of Ice and Fire reports, at the So Spake Martin collection.

Days of Ice and Fire Report

Reports from Fantasy Flight Games‘s Days of Ice and Fire event, featuring GRRM, have started to come in thanks to Ice and Fire forum member the Mastiff. First off, we have non-spoiler Q&A discussion, with some amusing anecdotes. This will be added to the So Spake Martin collection soon.

And then… big, honking spoilers here, because this is an exhaustive report of GRRM’s reading of a chapter from A Dance with Dragons, featuring the onion knight, Davos Seaworth: Davos 2.

Thanks to the Mastiff, and everyone else who is likely to put in additional reports both from the event and the Brotherhood without Banners lunch with George.

UK Re-release and Ebooks

Voyager, George R.R. Martin’s publisher in the U.K., has informed via via Twitter that they’re going to have a meeting with Sky (the U.K. broadcaste with rights to Game of Thrones) with the intention of sorting out plans to re-release A Game of Thrones with a media tie-in cover, much as Bantam will be doing in the U.S. in March. This edition would also feature brand new typesetting. They also noted to us that “properly proofread” ebooks (unfortunately, the U.S. editions—at least in the Kindle format—have introduced many typos into the text) are in the works, and clarified that these would be coming out well before Spring. They explained that usually, the process of converting to e-book is done out of the sight and hands of the editors, but that in this case Voyager is making a special effort for George.

This was all prompted by this tweet: “Also v busy prepping for THE George R. R. Martin on Mon. Building a fort of A Game of Thrones books around my desk. I think he’d be proud.” It looks like George will be in London for a day or two after taking leave of Malta, and doubtless will then be headed back home. His next public appearance will be at Days of Ice and Fire, a Fantasy Flight Games-sponsored event in Roseville, Minnesota.

Missing Banners

Before I can get to posting about the Moot (and, yes, everything else I saw earlier that day), I want to spread the word that, unfortunately, some personal property belonging to Parris was taken from the event and it is very desperately desired to be returned. There were several banners that were used to decorate the venue, and one in particular is a one-of-the-kind. If you read this, and you know who has possession of it, please direct them to this post from Parris about the possible repercussions for such events in the future if this problem is not corrected as soon as possible.

If you have it, or know who has it, please do the right thing.

Io9 Podcast with GRRM

David Barr Kirkley and John Joseph Adams of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast have moved from to io9, and their first new episode in their new digs  features George R.R. Martin. A very wide ranging discussion over about 50 minutes and it sounds like it’ll be a terrific listen.

Australia Worldcon Party & Raffle

As has become tradition, the Brotherhood without Banners—George R.R. Martin’s unofficial fan club—are going to be throwing room parties at this year’s Worldcon in Melbourne, Australia. Precise details of time and date will be arriving soon, but flyers are being prepared (date and time to be confirmed). The fans are also organizing a book raffle at the site, filled with some notable prize packages, and George and Parris seem like they’ll be contributing some goodies to the prize pool.

If you’re thinking of attending this year’s Worldcon, drop by’s forum, where this and other fan gatherings are planned and discussed. As is also traditional, there’s a couple of threads where fans who aren’t attending are posting questions they’d like to see answered during George’s two Q&A sessions at his HBO panel and his ADwD reading; naturally, the So Spake Martin collection will become a repository for all the interesting reports and items that come out of the convention.