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George R.R. Martin

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Brotherhood without Banners

Vulture Dubs Most Devoted Fans

NY Mag’s Vulture website has a “Number 1: Game of Thrones (and A Song of Ice and Fire) fans!

Is it true? I can’t speak for all the other very worthy fandoms, but ASoIaF certainly has a terrific fanbase. There’s shout-outs to, the Brotherhwood without Banners, Winter is Coming, and more—they’ve done their research, to say the least.

(Thanks to levifilm for pointing this list out!)

Hugo Awards Results

Though the livestream was sadly marred by a ridiculous claim of “copyright violation” that led to it being shut down—made all the more ridiculous by the fact that the Dramatic Presentation clips shown were all used with permission of the copyright holders, and were surely brief enough to merit a Fair Use argument—the Hugo Awards rolled on. Here’s the results for the fans:

Watch the Hugo Awards

It’s that time again, folks: the World Science Fiction Convention is presenting the Hugo Awards, the oldest literary award for works of science fiction and fantasy. A number of the nominees may be of particular fans of George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire, and HBO’s Game of Thrones:

GRRM and Ron Donachie at Worldcon

Thanks to the latest “Not a Blog” update from GRRM, we’ve learned that Game of Thrones actor Ron Donachie—last seen playing Ser Rodrik Cassel—will be attending Chicon 7, the 70th Worldcon, as a representative of the show for HBO. Donachie also happens to be the audio book reader for the new audiobook of Fevre Dream—Martin’s award-winning horror novel set on the Mississippi in the Antebellum—which Martin announced back in June.

Martin has also shared his Worldcon schedule, which we’ll repost below, with an interesting possible caveat: in comments he mentions that instead of reading one of the chapters from The Winds of Winter that he’s read on previous occasions, he might instead read from The World of Ice and Fire (the book we’re co-authoring with him) as he did at Bubonicon (a report from which can be found here). GRRM asked for opinions. Personally, the chapters he’s read have generally been read several times, and there are extensive reports available on the “A Song of Ice and Fire” forum… whereas he’s only read once from TWoIaF, and there’s plenty of details from that reading that haven’t been shared with fans.

Here’s his schedule:

Martin To Receive World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award

This was just announced today: the World Fantasy Convention has announced that this year’s World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievementwill go to George R.R. Martin and (the very excellent) Alan Garner. It’s an award that’s been given to a number of notable writers in the past, including Terry Pratchett, Jane Yolen, Peter Beagle, Urusula K. LeGuin, and more.

More information about the recipients can be found at the World Fantasy Awards site.

Garner is one of the writers Martin has admired, so it’s particularly nice that they are receiving the award in the same year. In fact, Martin has a noble house named after the British author, with the arms referencing his enigmatic, unforgettable novel The Owl Service (Order: Amazon US, Amazon UK).

(Thanks to @olafkeith for noting this to us.)

Beyond the Wall in One Week

June 26th will see the release of Beyond the Wall: Exploring George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (Pre-order: US, UK), a collection of essays from a wide range of writers (including Linda and I!) on all sorts of aspects of the series.

Some really great essays from Alyssa Rosenberg, Gary Westfahl, Jesse Scoble, Adam Whitehead, Myke Cole, and more, and there’s also a foreword from R.A. Salvatore.

The first couple of paragraphs from all the contributors essays are available at the official site for the book. If you want more of an excerpt, a free PDF excerpt will be made available if you sign up for the Smart Pop Newsletter via the above site. The editor, James Lowder, also has an read on >>

Black and Yellow

Although the number of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and Game of Thrones-related songs and videos have increased ten fold over the last year, we haven’t had too much time to share any of them… but this one, sent our way by Adam Whitehead, caught our attention. Based on Wiz Khalifa’s hit “Black and Yellow”, this one rather amusingly spins it as a song about the Baratheon brothers. It’s charming and, hey, lots of references to details in the books (“Lightbringer!” “Rainbow Guard!):

Good fun!

Official Site Update

A bit belated on our part, as personal stuff has kept us busy these last couple of weeks, but GRRM has a number of updates at “Not a Blog” which we thought we’d make note of, with comments. See them below:

GRRM Interview at Eastercon

More amazing streaming from Eastercon! This time, George R.R. Martin is being interviewed for about an hour and a half, with questions coming from blogger Adam Whitehead of The Wertzone.

The BBC Visits Westeros

An article concerning the question of why British accents dominate fantasy takes a cool little detour to the A Song of Ice and Fire forum, where the journalist writing the article—Brian Wheeler—started a thread to query fans on the board on the topic. Rather neat, and an interesting question that ties into the general notion that the “past” sounds English, for whatever reason.

Iain Glen, who plays Ser Jorah Mormont in HBO’s Game of Thrones, also touched on the topic in our interview with him late last month.

Last Part of TIFF In Conversation

TIFF has posted the very last part of the “In Conversation” interview with GRRM, at its Youtube channel. And for fans of the novels, this one’s particularly cool—the last nine minutes feature his reading a short excerpt from a The Winds of Winter chapter! Definite spoilers for those who’ve not yet read all five novels in the series:

GRRM In Conversation at TIFF Now Online

As promised, HBO Canada and TIFF have posted the “In Conversation” with George R.R. Martin, hosted by Teri Hart. Looking at it, it looks to just be the first part of the interview, but there’s definitely plenty to watch as Hart and Martin discuss his work, his fans, and the television show. You can see it below:

Other interviews, and reports about the full “In Conversation” interview, can be found at the March section of the So Spake Martin collection.

Martin on Strombo Tonight

We mentioned yesterday that GRRM was going to appear on the CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos Hour, and to keep an eye out on the official site for the online video. But the show’s producers went the extra mile and posted the full, extended interview on Youtube. We’ve added it to the So Spake Martin collection, along with links to reports and interviews from the TIFF “In Conversation” and other media appearances by GRRM, but you can see it embedded below:

And for those of you in Canada? HBO Canada has the “In Conversation” video up already, and posted here, but it’s region-locked for Canadians only (for now— plans to post it on their Youtube channel next week).

Podcast of Ice and Fire: Guys Night Out v4

Busy, busy times. Thanks to an invitation from the excellent Amin of Podcast of Ice and Fire, yesterday I joined him, Alex from Tower of the Hand, Apocalypse Dan, and Stefan Sasse from TotH and Boiled Leather for the latest episode of the podcast (which mysteriously ended up with the episde number of 69… hrm!)

Lots of good discussion about the TV series and the books, but naturally it’s full of spoilers and the occasional off-color humor. Check it out!

Celtic Punk Rock Meets Ice and Fire

Canadian band Irish Moutarde has turned their Celtic punk rock stylings to George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series ... and they did it using the lyrics to “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, a song that appears in snippets throughout the series. They just premiered it yesterday, and have even gone ahead and made it available for download from their site. Here goes:


The Westeros network consists of several different sites, including a forum and a wiki, for all your A Song of Ice and Fire needs.

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