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Game of Thrones is a site for the HBO-series based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

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  • All the latest news, rumors and speculations about Game of Thrones.
    Season 5 Directors Revealed

    Now that filming is soon to commence later this month, EW—as always!—gets the scoop on just who’s directing each episode of season 5. Some interesting new names in this one, and some interesting details:

    Episodes 501 and 502: Michael Slovis Episodes 503 and 504: Mark Mylod Episodes 505 and 506:...

  • Articles, interviews, etc, all related to Game of Thrones.
    Season 4 Interview: Isaac Hempstead-Wright & Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    Concluding our interviews from February, I had the chance to meet and talk with Isaac Hempstead-Wright—the adorable Bran Stark, who I had last met years ago during the first season filming—and Thomas Brodie-Sangster whose portrayal of Jojen Reed has been a study in maturity and understated...

  • A guide to the characters in Game of Thrones.
    Jorah Mormont

    An exiled lord from the North, Ser Jorah earned his knighthood during Greyjoy’s Rebellion, being one of the first to enter the breach in the walls of Pyke during the last battle. Having won as a bride the daughter of a ancient and powerful Hightowers, he soon fell into great debt trying to keep her...

  • A guide to each episode of Game of Thrones.
    The Children

    Circumstances change after an unexpected arrival north of the Wall; Dany must face harsh realities; Bran learns more about his destiny; Tyrion sees the truth about his situation.

  • Images from or related to Game of Thrones.
    Game of Thrones S2 Preview: 35