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    Discussing the Successor Shows

    As previously mentioned, Linda and I decided to take some time while on our vacation to make a video discussing the Game of Thrones “successors”—the four (or five) in-development concepts that follow-ups to the show. We’ve now finished the series, deciding that three parts was more than sufficien…

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    Finn Jones Behind the Scenes in Chicago

    We’ve a special feature today courtesy of a fan, Christine, who attended the Game of Thrones exhibit in Chicago the weekend before last (there’s one more coming to Los Angeles on December 9th and 10th), with a look at all the neat stuff HBO has put together in celebration of the release of the

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    Tall, broad, loud, and with a red beard, Mero is captain of the Second Sons, a company of sellswords who have a long history but have earned a bloody reputation under his command. He is loud, boisterous, and utterly untrusworthy.

    Killen looks a good deal shorter than Mero as described in the…

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    Beyond the Wall
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