Game of Thrones: HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Series

Game of Thrones is a site for the HBO-series based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

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    Our episode guide for Breaker of Chains is now live! Featuring the usual detailed recap, review, and book-to-screen breakdown, we cover all the bases.

    One note, though: Youtube’s taking abnormally long to process our video (which was more in-depth than our previous episode-focused videos, in a try...

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    Season 4 Impressions

    In past seasons of Game of Thrones, we’ve posted impressions based on the screeners we received from HBO. This year, we’ve decided to change things up a bit, however, by turning to our Youtube channel to discuss some very early thoughts—not a review, thoughts!—on the first three episodes of the...

  • A guide to the characters in Game of Thrones.

    One of the captains of the Stormcrows, Prendal na Ghezn is a Ghiscari sellsword. He is described as thick-set, with a broad face and dark hair going grey.

    Tikaram is not thick-set. Note that Tikaram is much closer in appearance to what Ghiscari are supposed to look like than Dan Hildebrand, who...

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    Game of Thrones S2: EP10 05