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    SXSW: Season 8 and Spin-off Discussed

    The Game of Thrones panel at SXSW, featuring producers Benioff and Weiss, as well as actresses Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, has revealed a few tidbits of news as reported by EW.

    The most notable items, in my view, are that Benioff and Weiss have indicated that the final season of the series…

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    Finn Jones Behind the Scenes in Chicago

    We’ve a special feature today courtesy of a fan, Christine, who attended the Game of Thrones exhibit in Chicago the weekend before last (there’s one more coming to Los Angeles on December 9th and 10th), with a look at all the neat stuff HBO has put together in celebration of the release of the

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    Eddard Stark

    Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, Eddard Stark is King Robert’s oldest and greatest friend. Raised together as wards of Lord Arryn, they were going to become brothers when his father Lord Rickard Stark agreed to wed Lyanna, Eddard’s sister, to the young Lord Robert. But Lyanna was stolen…

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    The Winds of Winter
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    Podrick Payne and Brienne of Tarth