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    Comic Con Exclusives at the HBO Store

    Don’t fancy fighting through the hordes of fans at Comic Con to get a look at some of the exclusive Game of Thrones merchandise launched there? Don’t worry, the HBO store has limited quantities of the exclusive products on sale.

    If you want to take home your very own giant, albeit in a more...

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    Game of Thrones Territory: Visiting the Steensons

    On the final day of our visit to Northern Ireland we were taken to Glenarm (on the beautiful County Antrim coast, which we will be doing a video on soon) to see the store & workshop of Steensons who have produced some of the iconic pieces of jewellery seen on Game of Thrones such as Joffrey’s and...

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    Grand Maester Pycelle

    An old man in his sixties, the Grand Maester has served four kings, beginning with Aegon V. He is a stately, impressive older man, with a magnificent beard. He wears a maester’s robes, though of finer material than the norm, and his maester’s chain has a dozen other chains woven through it...

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    The Winds of Winter
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    Game of Thrones S3: Beast 28