Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Asha Greyjoy

Played by Gemma Whelan

Asha is the only daughter of Lord Balon Greyjoy. Lean and long-legged, dark hair cropped short, with a thin face and a somewhat over-sized, over-sharp nose, she is a noted captain, a capable warrior, and has a devoted crew of followers.

On the show, her name is Yara, which appears to be the victim of HBO executives (or possibly the executive producers) failing to trust the intelligence of viewers out of fear that her name and Osha’s would somehow be confused. And that despite the fact that Osha’s name was never really stated within any first season episode. (Yes, we’re a little disappointed.)


Season Three

Asha is is the Iron Isles when a missive arrives from Ramsay Snow, son of Roose Bolton, warning them to remove all the ironborn from the North. If not, he promises, he will do to them what he’s done to Theon. He offers them a “piece of prince”, Theon Greyjoy’s genitals. Balon gives up Theon for lost, calling him a fool and washing his hands of him, but Asha refuses to give up on her brother and gathers the hardest fighting men in the Iron Islands on an expedition to try and retrieve him.