Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Bran Stark

The fourth of Lord Eddard Stark’s children, Bran is a little boy whom his mother Lady Catelyn calls her “summer child” because he has never known any other season. He dreams of knighthood, enjoys exploring the castle of Winterfell and climbing upon its walls and roofs, and has a sweet and trusting nature which makes him a favorite of many in Winterfell. He takes after his mother, with her Tully auburn hair and blue eyes.

On the show, the character is slightly older than in the novels and his hair does not seem very auburn (although apparently some reddish dye was worked into it to give him at least a bit of highlighting).


Season One

While climbing among the walls and towers of Winterfell, Bran stumbles across the queen and her brother Ser Jaime making love. He nearly falls, only to be rescued by Jaime, who questions him before pushing the boy from the tower window. Bran barely survives, left in a coma and paralyzed from the waist down. Nearly killed by an assassin who’s stopped by his mother and his direwolf Summer, when Bran finally wakes he does not remember what happened to him. He is left as the Stark in Winterfell when his brother Robb marches to war, and is troubled by strange dreams of a three-eyed crow.