Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Bran Stark

The fourth of Lord Eddard Stark’s children, Bran is a little boy whom his mother Lady Catelyn calls her “summer child” because he has never known any other season. He dreams of knighthood, enjoys exploring the castle of Winterfell and climbing upon its walls and roofs, and has a sweet and trusting nature which makes him a favorite of many in Winterfell. He takes after his mother, with her Tully auburn hair and blue eyes.

On the show, the character is slightly older than in the novels and his hair does not seem very auburn (although apparently some reddish dye was worked into it to give him at least a bit of highlighting).


Season Three

Traveling north, Bran and his companions come across Meera and Jojen Reed, children of his father’s friend and vassal Lord Reed. They assist them in their journey, and Jojen teaches Bran what he knows of wargs and prophetic dreams. It is Jojen who convinces Bran that his true destination is beyond the Wall, where he will find the three-eyed crow. This causes tension with Osha, who is terrified of the Others. At an abandoned tower where they take shelter from a coming storm, the companions hear horses and shouting. They come to realize that the men are wildlings in pursuit of a northerner, and among them is Jon Snow. As the storm rages and Hodor begins to shout, risking discovery,  Bran somehow uses his magic as a skinchanger to enter Hodor’s mind and quiet him. Then when Jon begins to fight the wildlings, Bran has Summer and Shaggydog help him escape. The wildlings depart, and Bran decides that he and Rickon must part ways. He asks Osha to take Rickon to safety at Last Hearth, the seat of the Umbers, while he insists on continuing to the Wall with the Reeds and Hodor. Arriving at the abandoned Nightfort, Bran tells the tale of the Rat Cook in time to make them all uneasy as they sleep. They are woken by a sudden noise as a shaggy creature comes out of a well, only for them to discover that it is Samwell Tarly with Gilly and her child. Samwell realizes who Bran is and urges him to go to Castle Black with him, where the Watch will protect him, but Bran insists. Samwell eventually tells them how they can pass through the Wall, through the Black Gate.