Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Vardis Egan

Played by Brendan McCormack

The captain of the guard at the Eyrie, Ser Vardis Egen has served House Arryn for years. His name is a famous one, his prowess unquestioned. He is perhaps in his late 40’s to early 50’s, and has perhaps grown somewhat stout in Lord Arryn’s service. The actor cast in the role does not seem stout, and certainly seems much younger, one of the few examples of a character being aged down rather than up in the series to date.


Season One

Ser Vardis and a troop of Arryn soldiers come across Lady Catelyn Stark and her companions on the high road, and escort them to the Vale of Arryn. After Lysa insists on trying Tyrion Lannister, Ser Vardis is hesitant to take up the charge of fighting Tyrion in single combat—as Tyrion demands a trial by combat—due to Tyrion’s obvious disadvantage. His hesitation is put to an end when Bronn steps forward to champion Tyrion. The two fight, and Bronn slays Ser Vardis, shoving him through the Moon Door to the Vale far below.