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Jaime Filming 01

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister, filming a major fight sequence. It gives a great sense of how many people are involved in filming these scenes, and provides us a great close-up of his costume.

You can also see Tommy Dunne on the left side, crouching down. Interestingly, his shirt’s design has been blurred out, probably just for legal reasons. But ... is it me, or does it look like it might be the Targaryen shirt from Mystic Spiral Traders, which is run by Parris MacBride (George’s wife)? See here. The shirts are currently unavailable for sale (except possibly in Spain, according to recent reports), but Parris tells me she’s working on changing that. In any case, we have previously seen a crew member wearing one of the shirts during the Tourney

Jaime Lannister, Behind the Scenes