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Sneak Peek in Stockholm

Canal+ Sweden is pulling out all the stops to promote its airing of Game of Thrones beginning May 4th ... including a sneak peek in a theater in Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm! According to the schedule for April-May, on May 3rd the first two episodes will be shown by Stockholm’s Cinemateket in the Bio Filmhuset Victor, starting from 6 PM.

Entry is free, according to the program. This airing is in collaboration with the Swedish film magazine Cinema. This is not the first HBO original program they’ll be playing in a theater, though—we couldn’t help but notice that the Kate Winslet-led miniseries, Mildred Pierce, is getting a sneak peek on the 19th.

Also, amusingly, on May 8th, Cinemateket has gotten it into its head to mark the occasion by having an 80’s fantasy film marathon: The Princess Bride, Legend, and Ladyhawke will play back-to-back.

4th Link of the Maester’s Path

It’s now live, and boy, it was a tough one. There’s really two parts to this puzzle, as you try and put pages from a journal observing the seasons back into some sort of order. Here’s some hints:

  • It really does look like you can sort of decipher the texts—weird characters and all—if you know the names of the various houses represented on the pages, which the Heraldry section of the Citadel could reveal ... but we’ll just note them because, in fact, you do not in fact need to decipher the text: Baratheon, Bracken, Frey, Florent (although it’s the Florent fox, it seems what was in fact intended was Prester’s ox, because that’s the actual name under the shield), Greyjoy, Lannister, Mormont, Redwyne, Stark, Targaryen, Tully, and Tyrell.
  • BUT, if you can take the time to decipher them, do so. The Tully text is a particularly nice to the recent history of Westeros!
  • The easy part of the puzzle is figuring out which page should be uppermost between the front and back pairs. Look at the moonphases, and set them out so that the earliest part of the cycle is towards you.
  • The hard part is deciphering the order of the various pages. The key to them? Look down at the bottom. Those are numerals, and given the fact that each pair shares the same numeral, we can guess they are not page numbers. Instead, they are probably years…
  • And if they’re years, we know that the first digit—which is the same between all of them—must be either 1 or 2, making these pages covers the 100th-odd or 200-odd year since Aegon’s Landing (remember, it’s not quite the year 300 AL).
  • Could the digits under the weather symbols be helpful? Maybe, if you can guess the season based on the weather, you can make a stab at what sort of temperatures (hot or cold), and narrow down the possibilities.
  • There’s just seven digits in total used for the years, so you might be able to eliminate some from contention on that basis…

Not an easy puzzle, by any means, but a satisfying one to figure out!


3rd Episode Title

HBO’s on-line schedule has reached May 3rd, and it reveals the title and run time of the third episode of Game of Thrones: “Lord Snow”, running 58 minutes. The title suggests a focus will be Jon Snow’s place at Castle Black.

Baratheon and Lannister Gallery Updates

Playing catch-up, we’ve now added screencaps from the Baratheon and Lannister featurettes, with commentary, to our Previews gallery, beginning here with the map of the Seven Kingdoms as the first image. A lot of great shots in this one, including a glimpse of what might well be Arya’s last scene in the first season (hopefully the first of many!), Lyanna’s effigy, and our very first look at Charles Dance as Lord Tywin Lannister.

Besides that, other areas of the gallery have had some additions, such as the Various section with the character posters HBO has released and the Characters section with some new shot of some of the leads.

Next up will be the Targaryen featurette as well as the Comcast-exclusive On Location video which Comcast made available via Youtube.

HBO’s Game of Thrones App

Check this out, folks!

The other day, a sharp-eyed fan noticed that Maester’s Path briefly revealed that this coming Monday’s 4th link was symbolized by a hand, which—given the sense-based theme—seemed a sure sign that “touch” would be a theme. And now it looks like they’ve rolled out an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app to go with it. Here’s a hint of what it’ll provide:

Choose a location in this weather-driven storytelling app (or use your built-in GPS locator) and view a scene from Westeros (and beyond) that matches the current weather of that location, whether snow, rain, sun or fog. Users also can select multiple locations and simply swipe between them to see a range of scenes, accompanied by onscreen temperature and time.

Suffice it to say, we’re jealous of those who happen to own a compatible Apple device. If you’ve got one, check it out, and report back on what you see when you play with it!

For those who might be concerned, this is a bit of entertainment to whet the appetite—it will not be necessary for successfully completing the Maester’s Path 4th link, which Campfire‘s Steve Coulson has promised will be the toughest challenge yet.

Interviews and Press Junkets

Canal+ Spain has released two interviews, with executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss in one and actor Peter Dinklage in the other, to go with their other efforts to publicize the show for the Spanish audience. See the videos below!

We’ll note that this past couple of days, U.K. (and possibly other, international) press were at a press junket in London with quite a few of the actors (Jason Momoa among them), and we expect to be seeing a lot more quick sound-bites and images like this blurb about Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy, which gives our very first look at the character with the bow he’s so skilled at using.

The flood gates are just about to open, folks.

Official Posters and More

IGN recently had an exclusive of the next four posters from HBO’s Game of Thrones, and now the Making Game of Thrones site has released them widely, and in super-high resolution. And as you can see to the right, they added a bonus fifth poster to the roster, featuring Jon Snow and a line from the vows of the Night’s Watch, “I am the watcher on the walls.” Great images, all, especially Daenerys with her dragon egg, and of course Cersei with that rather ominous dagger. The quote for Robert is a brand new one, not from the books, but it does rather seem to fit the Baratheon king.

In other, image-related news, George has a “Not a Blog” post featuring the HBO Shop display in New York City (photos sent by a fan or friend; he’s only in NYC “in his dreams”, he notes), which was rolled out yesterday morning. Featuring costumes, armor, and props from the production, it’s a great opportunity for visitors to the shop to get a close look at the production. Esc-Key on Livejournal has also posted some photos, with a nice commentary to go with it.

Finally, it seems Canal+ Spain has begun to release a few dribs and drabs for its promotion for Game of Thrones, which airs on May 9th in that country. Their Facebook album contains several promotional and behind-the-scenes shots we’ve not seen published anywhere else. The shot of the prop store brings back fond memories of my visit to the set; if you go all the way to the shelving in the back, that’s where the all the rolled-up banners I mentioned in my report were located, as well as the early prototype for the Iron Throne (with swords blazoned with “Kingdom of Heaven”, clearly originally props for Ridley Scott’s film).


Game of Thrones Display in NYC

This morning, HBO’s GameOfThrones account tweeted that the HBO Shop on 6th Avenue & 42nd had a new display window featuring costumes, banners, and other items from Game of Thrones. We can see costumes belonging to Littlefinger, Cersei, what we suppose to be Jon (or a Night’s Watch recruit, anyways), and what we’re supposing to be Ned. Banners we can make out are Arryn, Clegane, what we assume to be the Mallister eagle, and a somewhat different design for the Greyjoys.

If you live in the area, make sure to drop by and check it out. And maybe pop inside, see what GoT memorabilia they have on sale, and maybe ask if they know about what’s going to be coming to the shop in the near future…

Edited to Add: In a new post at “Not a Blog”, GRRM shares some great pictures of the display, both outside and inside the store. Kingsguard armor, the Hound’s helmet, dragon eggs, and more!

Comcast Features Game of Thrones

The appearance of a smorgasbord of videos at Fancast was a tip-off that Comcast and HBO had decided to partner in releasing a lot of exclusive information to U.S.-residents (the clips are available only in the U.S.) and particularly to Comcast subscribers (with a number of special, extended-length videos available only on Comcast On Demand’s Top Picks). Comcast now makes it official, however, with this post indicating that it’s kicking-off a new partnership with all this Game of Thrones material, with the promise of more (including a video discussing the creation of the Dothraki language).

Comcast has released one of the videos to Youtube. This “On Location” piece has a few familiar scenes and interview clips, but there’s also quite a few new images and scenes to be seen as well!

Interview with Finn Jones

Our second interview focused on HBO’s Game of Thrones is now live... and it’s audio, rather than written. Ulp. This is the first time we’ve ever done this, so be gentle in your critiques! Any faults in the interview naturally lie with ourselves, rather than Finn, who was very gracious in being our guinea pig!

Go ahead and listen to it here.

First Episodes Synopsis

Although we’ve already reported the titles of the first two episodes, this new press release from HBO provides more detail, especially in terms of an extensive synopsis for “Winter is Coming” and “The Kingsroad”. The first two episodes were directed by Tim van Patten. There are some spoilers in these write-ups.

Fear and Blood Gallery

The Fear and Blood teaser has now been screen capped, with our usual commentary. Over fifty images from this one, with only a handful which closely duplicate anything we’ve captured before. Of particular note in this video are our first look at Winterfell from a distance, a beautiful shot of King’s Landing, and more. We have quite a bit to say regarding the Winterfell shot in particular, in relation to the books. All in all, this show is obviously going to be a feast for eyes!

You can find the start of the images here, and the first shot here.

More Videos from Fancast

And now there’s a veritable bonanza of new videos, as Fancast has many videos up in a clips section. Many of them are described as portrait pieces, highlighting a number of the significant characters of the series, including Daenerys, Jon Snow, and King Robert. Others are behind-the-scenes pieces, including 7 minutes on weapons and 7 more minutes of stunts and fight choreography.

Although it was suggested you had to be a Comcast subscriber to see the videos at this time, although some reports claim that’s not the case. Whatever the truth, it certainly seems those outside of U.S. (e.g. us) can’t see them, so here’s hoping that there’s a short exclusivity window and HBO will be releasing them soon! But for those in the U.S., or at least those who are Comcast subscribers, here’s a couple of embeds to whet your appetite

Lannister and Baratheon Feauterettes

Oh, man, Christmas has come very early indeed, as has the first look at two of the forthcoming featurettes, featuring House Lannister and House Baratheon. See them below. The Lannister featurette gives us our first look at Charles Dance at Lord Tywin(!) and the Baratheon featurette gives us our first look at Gethin Anthony as Lord Renly and a brief glimpse at Eugene Simon as Lancel Lannister… at the boar hunt scene.

More Posters from HBO

IGN has posted an exclusive gallery containing four, brand new official posters for HBO’s Game of Thrones. The posters feature quotes from each character. Ned gets, “Winter is Coming”, of course. Daenerys’s picture—which shows her with a dragon egg—has, “I do not have a gentle heart,” which is a new line (though may be referencing a line from Jorah in the novel). Robert’s is a new line, “Killing things clears my head,” as is Cersei’s, one which we’ve heard before, “Everyone but us is the enemy.”

It looks like these were taken at the same photo shoot where they shot the Iron Throne teaser. Terrific shots, and great quotes, that help give a sense of the characters.