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Filming in Iceland

Filming in Iceland has commenced, as reported recently, and it looks like it’ll run for a couple of weeks. Of course, Iceland in the summer can look very different from Iceland in the winter… and it seems that the production is really using it to its advantage, because all signs point to it representing regions much nearer to King’s Landing than in the past. Reports of Maisie Williams and Gwendoline Christie both being spotted in Reykjavik have been confirmed, and it’s unlikely to be a coincidence (though that can’t be ruled out).

The last we saw of Arya, she was in the riverlands with Sandor Clegane, while Brienne of Tarth was last in King’s Landing…. but we’ve some speculations below (with spoilers):

Some of the Icelandic locations, such as Þingvellir, seem like they could serve as ideal representations of other regions of the riverlands than what we’ve seen before, in scenes shot in Northern Ireland previously. And given that we know that the actor who played Rorge is apparently due to make an appearance, we might hazard that some of Brienne’s A Feast for Crows storyline—particularly her searching through Crackclaw Point and into the riverlands for Sansa (and, perhaps, Arya?), and perhaps the area of Saltpans or even the Quiet Isle as well—may commence by the end of the season.