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First Look at Ygritte, More Iceland Details

Thanks to IngvarSk68, fans have been turned on to the fact that Icelandic television station Rúv has a long piece  featuring Game of Thrones (roughly 9 minutes long), and it’s a treasure trove of little details. But the one most fans will go crazy for? The fact that Rose Leslie is seen in costume in the role of Ygritte at the 7:10 mark or so (UPDATE: The video has been put back online… but with the closest shots of Leslie removed, which makes us think that HBO didn’t like that being aired at requested RUV edit it out)! For those who’ve not read the novels, the glimpse may be slightly spoliersh, so beware.

The quality is not of the best, alas, but it gives a sense of things, in any case.

Other details include the fact that initially they were thinking of filming in Iceland in the summer, to use the glaciers exclusively, but later in the year has provided them more options. Scenes from Iceland will appear from episodes 5 through 8 and then episode 10 (shades of the way that they skipped the Wall for an episode or two last season). First Vík will feature in episode 5. Some good details about the directors can be gleaned from this piece, as well. Nutter is shooting episodes 6 and 7 at Vík as well, according to the report. At a guess, this implies episodes 8 and 10 are part of the four episodes that Alan Taylor is filming.

Looking at the list of directors, we know David Petrarca filmed episode 4, and Neil Marshall the pivotal episode 9. So that leaves 1-3 and 5 to be sorted out (assuming our speculation that Taylor is directing 8 and 10 is correct). Two of those four belong to Alan Taylor, we’re pretty sure (episode 1 certainly seems likely), and the other two would presumably be directed by first season cinematographer Alik Sakharov, or Sakharov and Petrarca, as we know Marshall was on board only for episode 9.